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  1. Miura 501 cbs 3 to pw kbs tour stiff shafts elite grips 38 inc 5 iron length 7.5 /10 used but still nice set of bats $550 delivered
  2. Ok think I might keep the shafts hows $1200 delivered for 4 to pw sound! Add $50 for full set of epon headcovers like new
  3. The shafts are 105g stiff flex. heres the review on them. more or less a shimada tour lite shaft that has been sorted to the highest spec with some cool sticker. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-sports-new-target-tour-steel-shaft-details/
  4. Let’s try and get a new home $1500 shafted and delivered!
  5. Sorry go for 5 to pw initially and had to wait for the 4 iron. set is 4 to pw will post better pics today.
  6. Epon 505 4 to pw MiNT have target tour lite stiff shafts also Mint http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-sports-new-target-tour-steel-shaft-details/ 38.25 5 iron lengths pure red grips logo down. heads only $1400 shafted $1700 delivered this is new build pics take some more outside tomorrow
  7. Epon 901 19 di very good condition headcover average. head only $150 in atm Nippon 950 ut stiff shaft 39.5 shafted $185 delivered
  8. At this price for 9 new mcb iron not trades at all sorry
  9. If I hear nothing I Will assume your in the lock up hiding your phone up your ... and can’t use it 😀
  10. Again selling for a mate as he has all 3 sets of the seven irons. the blades didn’t get into his gamer bag at all too many toys and not enough time,sure you all understand that. he also has a new set of mcb heads 5 to pw and 3 matching wedges I could get if anyone interested
  11. How’s the price on these nobs? Is this fair for set up and condition?
  12. Seven Shinagawa MB 4 - PW Soft black finish KBS $ taper 125 S+ black PVD +1” Iomic iXx grips Minimal range (mat) use on some $1800 ono told by mate get em sold $1100 heads only! MINT!
  13. These for you stew? Starting to ease off on shaft weights a bit?
  14. This stuff needs a new home let’s move it
  15. Let’s try whole lot bag — covers — 302 satin — wedge —modart all in delivered $1300 ono
  16. 4 to pw mint condition steelfiber i80 shafts Regs iomic grips also matching 3 and 5 woods tour ad di 6s 3 wood fire express rb 7s in 5 wood
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