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  1. Miura 1008 4/Pw shimada tours

    Miura 1008 Irons 4 to Pw 38inc 5 iron ( lie lifts can be adjusted if needed) muziik grips shimada tour stiff shafts vgc all round $975 Ono
  2. Titleist 660s

    Titleist 660 blades 3 to Pw in great condition for there age. nippon 1050 stiff shafts 38.5 5 iron 1/2 inc over, with Titleist tour velvet grips. happy to also do heads only. $430 complete delivered or $300 heads delivered
  3. Monaco stiff shafts only

    Ok miuras need to be tempted how’s 1k delivered sound?
  4. Monaco stiff shafts only

    Monaco stiff shaft pulls removing these from my epons so 4 to Pw play 38 Inc 5 iron $250 posted also have a 901 22 with Monaco x shaft can include for $100
  5. Monaco stiff shafts only

    $1050 delivered with shimada tours and muziik grips 4 to Pw
  6. Monaco stiff shafts only

  7. Monaco stiff shafts only

    Miura 1008s but not sure which i prefer more😊 miuras have shimada tour stiffs someone help decide, buy either set
  8. Monaco stiff shafts only

    Pics added
  9. Monaco stiff shafts only

    Shaft pics
  10. SOLD

    Price drop
  11. Epon fw Hybrid Romaro Hybrid onoff

  12. Epon 202ht Head only with cover $190 delivered S yard xv 5 wood stock shaft no cover $150 delivered Epon 902s Sold romaro hybrid 21 with cover SOLD on off di 21 $85 delivered
  13. Epon fw Hybrid Romaro Hybrid onoff

    902s sold
  14. Epon fw Hybrid Romaro Hybrid onoff

    Also have an epon 901 22 Head only $120
  15. Sold. Thanks.

    Wow 😲 that’s super cheap! merrry Christmas. someone grab this gift
  16. SOLD thanks tsg

    zy Gone epon can be sold Head only
  17. Tyson Lamb

    Well put stew. Thanks for your knowledge from trying so much gear
  18. Tyson Lamb

    Un-bias would be nice to hear now and again.
  19. Tyson Lamb

    Have golds factory putters now become old news? Benock is the best?
  20. SOLD

    $170 for this quality head!
  21. Black wedge shafts

    Get some shimada hw 120 great wedge shafts if you like a heavier wedge shaft. happens I have 2 smoked shafts if you want to try them.
  22. SOLD thanks

    Epon 105 9.5 Driver with speeder Evolution 3 661 X flex shaft epon SSS grip 45 inc great condition with original cover. Sold
  23. SOLD thanks

    Head $375 delivered