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  1. Interested in the IDBL's PM sent. Thanks
  2. Scratch64

    PRGR TR500 irons

    Thanks guys for the replies and thanks Stew for your PM info, very informative. Anyhow adjusting of the lie angles has now been done and was a success - phew. Now bring on the weekend for me to try these bad boys.
  3. Scratch64

    PRGR TR500 irons

    Hi all, Question regarding the PRGR TR500 irons. I have recently purchased a set which i believed were standard lie but have since been informed they are about 3 degrees upright. Now I play my irons at 2 degrees flat (Based on the standard Titty soecs), are these heads soft enough to bend 5 degrees without any major hosel deformation or will they likely snap? Cheers
  4. Scratch64

    SOLD JBeam ZY-11 plus

    J, is this what you used on Oz day when you tore Huntingdale a new one?
  5. Scratch64

    Roddio I-10 shafts

    Sorry guys the Roddio's have been SOLD. Thanks for your interest.
  6. Scratch64

    Roddio I-10 shafts

    Hi all, I have for sale a set of Roddio I-10 shafts - 5-PW in sx flex in used condition fitted with Golf Pride Z Cord grips. These shafts were professionally pulled from a set of Epon 302 heads by my club builder. Any questions please ask and I will try to answer as best I can. Looking for USD $230 plus shipping costs which I'm happy to share (I'm located in Australia). Thanks for looking.