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  1. I didn't change anything with the heads, so should be standard bounce and lie. Epon 210 KGX 54 Degree with NSPro950GH S, No1 Grip, Carbon Ferrules - $130 (lengths: 35", Bounce: 12, & Lie: 63.5 Epon 210 KGX 58 Degree with True Temper Dynamic Gold, No1 Grip - $130 (length: 35", Bounce: 11, & Lie: 64
  2. Wedges for sale: 1) Epon 210 KGX 52 Degree with NSPro 105, No1 grip - $130 2) Epon 210 KGX 54 Degree with NSPro950GH S, No1 Grip, Carbon Ferrules - $130 3) Epon 210 KGX 58 Degree with True Temper Dynamic Gold, No1 Grip - $130 4) Titleist Cold Forge 48 Degree with original shaft and grip (NSPro950GH S, Titleist Grip), only hit on driver range - $110 5) Fouteen DJ-11 58 Degree with original shaft and grip (NSPro950GH HT Wedge, Fourteen Grip), only played 3 rounds on course - $110 Photos are listed based on the above order from left to right. All prices are net pp gifted, free shipping with purchase of 2 or more wedges. Thank you.
  3. Yamada Kamakura Hand-Made Burning Copper Putter, 34", with SuperStroke 3.0 grip, will include the original Yamada Orange Leather Grip (un-used), putter cover (still in wrap), and original box. Gamed 3 times only, just like new. Listing for $650, free shipping. Thank you.
  4. Epon AF-502 with Graphite Design TourAD 85 Regular shaft, with matching orange ferrules, Lamkin grips, the set is in excellent conditions. Asking $800 net, shipped. Thank you.
  5. Epon AF-503, 5-PW with Mitsubishi OT85 Regular Flex Shift, No1 Grips. They are very forgiving and provide superb distance and feel. Conditions of the club are great. Asking $995 shipped.
  6. Anyone or anyone would like to make a reasonable offer?
  7. sold
  8. sold
  9. EPON AF-503 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW & AW, 7 clubs with MCI80R shaft, very good condition. Photo taken a month ago, didn't have time to post until now, condition is the same since they were stored. Sold.
  10. Forgot I had this for sale, anyone interested in this almost new handmade Yamada burning copper putter with original box and head cover?
  11. More photos uploaded, mint mint condition with original box & grip, anyone?