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  1. Purchased from chris tsg

    • will post more close ups later but ryoma serial no.is msm5479
  2. There are more fakes of this head in circulation than a USD $100 bill. I'm interest but can you please post closer images of the head.
  3. What a combo and absolutely mint!
  4. Is this head still available?
  5. I'll take the shaft if you want to split it up.
  6. Bassara shafts and 2 Epon wedges left.
  7. You can email me at [email protected]
  8. Mci's sold
  9. no payment not made. not reposting tho
  10. Price drop! $15 off across every item
  11. Driving iron sold. thanks stan & tsg!
  12. thanks Vic! Just go for it?!?