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  1. @OU_CoachMike Please tell us all you are in Florida for an interview.

  2. @ClementJackson_ @Kmurrayy_9 He needs a lot of work. The difference between RS and KM was huge. 1st rounder compared to UDFA, at best

  3. @RjMickens10 Easy. #BoomerSooner

  4. @lbtanker @CareyWWLS Could you possibly kiss his ass more in hopes of your ban being lifted?

  5. @wesruckerutad @RivalsWoody Fired for what? Do you have a copy of the tweet? We all want to see what all this fea… https://t.co/xSU6AORBnl

  6. @SuperK_TFB I think it is clear to most that @OU_CoachMike is the problem. The real question is why @LincolnRiley… https://t.co/L6vbJTWbAp

  7. @JLMcCuistion And the 4th is a no-go, right?

  8. @LincolnRiley We won’t be back without significant personnel changes on the defensive side of the ball.

  9. @JLMcCuistion He needed to hear that. Been waiting for someone to say it to him all year

  10. @rivalsmike Why would it be on the down low? Maybe because he doesn’t want some middle aged asshat announcing it t… https://t.co/p4GrnxA0R7

  11. @CWBowl Why allow @bethmowins to call this game? Muted prior to 1st kickoff. Painful

  12. @lbtanker @Onikuno Well, your number was out there for him to find, so that is on you. Play silly games, win silly prizes.

  13. @PaigeSpiranac Merry Christmas Eve to you from boomer and belle https://t.co/Q2CAe0ynEf

  14. @OfficialChris_R I am not certain you fully understand what "No Talking" means. Could have something to do with yo… https://t.co/uaF9GDMmfk

  15. @MasonPrinceWGXA @JasonHButt @baker_mayfield6 @ZEUS__78 @DruSamia @BobbyEvans44 @ErickWren @BigBen_72 @Cody_Ford74… https://t.co/c0Fp8Bm1Do