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  1. @AngelinaDDD2 damn, shame you aren’t in the national harbor area

  2. @daxhill5 #Dax2Norman #NewWave19 #BoomerSooner

  3. @brendaboobies I do and will be in Orlando tomorrow night around 10pm. Is the nurse on duty that late??

  4. @brendaboobies Oh my, amazing. Will be in Tampa on Thursday. Can’t wait

  5. @cassandracoxxx @janewayxyz Not nearly as perfectly shaped as you.

  6. @ingodwetryst @JennaLynn8910 Would love to see that.....

  7. @PrincessJas4Ux Is now. Damn....

  8. @PaigeSpiranac It is now.

  9. @MikeyOUDNA @sehlinger3 @yjmcknight What do you mean concussed? @coachtomherman Put him right back in with no conc… https://t.co/AO1uUZTl6p

  10. @AngelinaDDD2 Wow. DM me if you can.

  11. @ESPNNFL @ESPNBooger Can you give me an example of a College QB in the past decade that had the character to carry an NFL franchise?

  12. @Tailgunnner @baker_mayfield6 @JManziel2 What year did manziel make the playoff? Bake did that twice.

  13. @NicutBoys @CareyWWLS So, you just effectively stated that you have an expectation that the staff at @SoonerScoop d… https://t.co/Hfgyy0Brp2

  14. RT @pepsi: When you've got two @AaronDonald97 signed Pepsi cans straight from the ice bath, you give them away #ForTheFans. RT this #Sweeps…

  15. @ctrealexander Not sure if @coachchadmorris is OK with a Committed kid visiting another school? Ask him if he was… https://t.co/3V6TqVG9Oe