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  1. @vivaentgroup @mjlehman023 So, premium channels pulled and Triad Wireless website is now offline. Any explanation?

  2. @DedeTHEGreat11 Oh s**t, don't invite @Joe_MainMixon . s**t could derail his career.....

  3. @vivaentgroup @syberstock @Dentworx08 @Simplify_ND This company is done? Why would you post that Publicly?????

  4. @scottwildcat @ChuckJames919 Really it isn't. Considering the resources available to them, they consistently underperform expectations.

  5. @JBUIUHOF8 @_TheoWeaseJr @trejanbridges Can you imagine @_CeeDeeThree, @ballout_charlie, @_TheoWeaseJr and… https://t.co/nESUXQdLsJ

  6. @AndeWall Interesting this offends you but you tell your kid, while crying, you would leave his father for prince.… https://t.co/bO2zBOvGhn

  7. @vivaentgroup @monkeyscat89 Oh god. Another timeline that will likely be missed. You should probably not tweet stuff like this out.

  8. @ohiostate241 @TheFFOracle @espn @CollegeGameDay Yes, yes it would have.

  9. @vivaentgroup @BlackFishRich_ You are seriously pumping iHub content? This is getting comical. Be a real CEO and re… https://t.co/wUWDsPPUvt

  10. @vivaentgroup @JohnJoh93702279 This is awesome. You are calling out shareholders. They sell because you cause volat… https://t.co/xb74FYoQxP

  11. @vivaentgroup @TopStockTips1 @CreatingWealth3 @LivingLifeJD "almost", "soon", these words have become synonymous with Viva.

  12. @vivaentgroup @JBFWorldwide Really? Teamed up with the Jack Brewer Foundation? Can they confirm?

  13. @shindiggerTJ @vivaentgroup @StrombergJordon Where do you guys keep coming up with this "official launch"? Product… https://t.co/BgYUn89Eij

  14. @vivaentgroup @madmimi @JLMcCuistion Here is another example of help for Houston. Free cable services, via cellphon… https://t.co/afWsPZSs8e

  15. @vivaentgroup @CurtWalter33 Everyone is taking a beating here. There are ways to provide actual updates to Sharehol… https://t.co/2EyHTaYDtw