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  1. น่าสนใจดีครับ https://t.co/kkXMGwXzgQ

  2. เมื่อพานักเรียนเด็กเล็ก ขึ้นมาซ้อมระเบิดทราย ก้อจะเป็นแบบนี้ https://t.co/3DITNT32jf

  3. This happens when I tell my student to shift his weight to the left/toward target!! https://t.co/cu6FjiVg8T

  4. My little Winter is working on a nice full finish and staying in balance, which in turn helps him turn his hip and… https://t.co/ilOeC5QJ7Y

  5. https://t.co/3n3OYnzHiC

  6. https://t.co/Pfvw96W1MZ

  7. What the?? https://t.co/i4pdczs7RE

  8. https://t.co/KtMpm0lUYD

  9. “Alexis sanchez transfer saga turns out to be longer than machester city’s history” Red Devils Corner tweeted

  10. https://t.co/WhEaRD6Wn4

  11. I will miss you so much Rie... Have a safe trip to Nepal and enjoy as much as you can. It has been an honor... https://t.co/coTRY1n9YJ

  12. https://t.co/uampmP7Yzh

  13. https://t.co/lu8nRUP26a

  14. https://t.co/fr93lA2NgR