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  1. Hi all,

    I am considering buying the new Kyoei Dual weighted irons. Is there any users that has proper feedbacks about this? Care to share about the forgiveness level?

    I have been a guy using epon 7 series and PXG XP series. But i feel i would like something that spin better and a notch less forgiving for accuracy. 

    I read that its about the same forgiveness as epon 505 which i would say is an iron i am having serious consideration getting. 

  2. 1. Selling a good condition Epon 705 (5-Pw) with project x 95 5.5 flighted shaft. Standard length and loft. - $1200 USD shipped

    2. Used once only Miura CB 301. 6-PW. Almost new condition with shimada KS3001 steel shaft. Standard length and loft - $1000 USD shipped.

    No trades. Interested buyer let me know. Thank you.






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