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  1. No thanks. Just bought an epon af 153.
  2. Thanks guys, I fitted it with a Diamana R in the end. It performs the same as my Ping g30. Decided to let it go and got a brand new Epon AF 153 9.5 driver head. Any shaft recommendation for this head then?
  3. Ryoma D1 Driver 10.5 Didn't perform as well as my Ping G30. Decided to let it go. Comes with Diamana Japan R series 60s (Practically new as I hit it less than 3 times. Unsuitable for me) Heads only or with shaft. Comes with original head cover. Condition 8/10. Price: $300 (heads) $450 (head+shaft) *Both not inclusive of shipping.
  4. Is the tour ad bb6 good for the old ryoma d1? Other than AAA any other shaft you heard that work? I prefer Mid kick point
  5. Hello fellow TSGers, I am currently in a dilemma as I recently purchase a Ryoma D1 driver 10.5 and do not know which shaft should I put on it. I was told the Ryoma D1 driver has low CG and low spin. Thus a mid kick point and higher launching shaft would benefit me. The shafts I am considering are the Diamana R series or the Fubuki J series both in 60 Stiff. My swing speed base on trackman with my ping g30 10* is about 104. Currently using the Fubuki J series on my Ping g30. My average driver distance is about 220m. Would appreciate all feedback and any kind soul for guidance.
  6. Price reduced to $500 inclusive of shipping.
  7. Thanks. Looking to sell it to get some Titleist 716 t-mb.
  8. No bag chatter. Irons in great condition.
  9. Selling a set of pristine condition Callaway Legacy black (4 to PW). Comes with brand new Lamkins Grips and brand new project x PXI 5.5 shaft (Spined). Length of the clubs are all 1/2 inch longer. Swing weight is from D1 to D4. Progressive swing weight. Price: $500 + shipping. Trade: Looking for Epon AF 153 Driver / Epon I-33 / Titleist 716 T-MB (5-PW) If any of you are interested, please do contact me and we can try to work up a deal. Payment by paypal.
  10. Looking to buy an Epon AF 153 Driver (10.5). Interested sellers please PM me. Cheers.
  11. Hello mates, I am looking for a good condition Epon I-33 putter. Any owners who are willing to sell, please PM me. Will be interested in just getting the heads only if possible. Cheers
  12. just curious. does this roll better than the epon i-33 if you do previously own one?
  13. Good evening mates, Up for sale is an excellent condition and extremely rare Miura Giken MP-001 forged putter. It is long neck and face balanced. Price is $500 nett + actual shipping cost for the putter. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Cheers
  14. Is this putter still available for sale?
  15. Don't worry about it mate. No offence taken. I will lock this topic as I have decided to trade it for another putter. Thanks TSG.
  16. Cause I am located in Singapore. And the cost of shipping is pretty high. Sorry about it. But I will be happy to deal at 500 USD if you could settle your own shipping. I have checked Fedex website, shipping to USA is between 150-220 USD thereabouts. So 500+200 = 700 USD. That's how i derive the figure. I bought this at around 1000 USD from a local retailer. And apparently they don't make them anymore. I do not know how much they sell this in the states but comparing to the listing at eBay, it is going for 900-1.1k USD.
  17. Thanks a lot Steve for the honest opinion. I will look more into VG3!
  18. Great thanks. I have read up on it. But I prefer to hear it from people who have used them.
  19. Hi, what I mean is I do need forgiveness. But I have tried my friend's AP2 and I can still make good contact with it. Thus,now am considering between Titleist AP2, VG3 or the TMB. But the TMB are blades are more forgiving than AP2?
  20. Thanks for all your feedback. So are you guys telling me to go for the new 716 T-MB instead of VG3 or AP2? Is it forgiving enough? I have hit some my friend's AP2 and it seems forgiving enough for me and am able to game it. However, I came here and started getting confuse about VG3. I definitely do not need AP1.
  21. Hello mates, I have a used Miura KM 350 putter for sale. The condition is excellent and it comes with brand new Miura headcover and brand new Miura grip (wasted money on these). Have found out that I perform better with a near face balance putter thus decided to sell. Asking price is $700 USD inclusive of shipping worldwide. Kindly PM me or post here for interested buyers. Cheers
  22. May I ask, in terms of forgiveness, how is the 2014 VG3 compared to the 714 AP2? Am currently considering these 2 sets of irons. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. My handicap is currently at 20. And am looking for a forgiving Titleist irons.
  23. Hi there, I will like to get something done similar. May I ask how much is the cost and the procedure?
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