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  1. Still got your 503 for sale??

    1. Megameng


      Yes I do. Let me know if you’re interested and where you’re located. Thanks!

  2. I am interested in your Miura 57..  Still available?  let me know.

  3. All shaft are US spec length .. (added 1/2 extensions to JDM spec) .. with fairly new Iomics Grip (2 rounds).. Color coded . Paypal Gift Shipped at $85 .. Tip needs to be clean .. Thanks for looking.
  4. mjbfish

    FS: Miura 5005 with Steelfiber

    Probably so.. with my sorry ass skill set .. I need to step down to something easier to play..
  5. mjbfish

    WTB Epon 303 ..

    Mission completed
  6. mjbfish

    Epon 302 4-pw

    Thanks. It is available. First come first serve.