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  1. Hello guys - shipping is not included in prices Ryoma p3 - 33 inches with original shaft and grip (headcover is worn out and need to be replaced 180 dollars Epon 901 19 degree in good condition (headcover not in best shape) 175 dollars Crazy F14 215 grams head - deep face - 1 brand new headcover 120 dollars Crazy F16 100 dollars Crazy f19 100 dollars UST frequency filter plays 33 inches in ryoma p3 (not in picture) 15 dollars TRPX 1st messenger in SX (butt trimmed down to 105 cm) played at 44.5 inches with adapter and driverhead 50 dollars Rombax type S in S2 (tipped 1 inch and butt trimmed down to 109 cm) played 44,5 without adapter. 40 dollars Shimada tour lites 3-pw (3/8 increments butt trimmed) 3-4-5-6 iron are shorter than standard lenght - PW-9-8 is longer than standard (6i =91cm 38,8 inches) - These are fantastic shafts. Only reason why Im selling them is because I got the monacos.. 135 dollars Shimada K'ws wedge 120 hw 2 shafts 20 dollars each Royal collection wedges DB/WS - spinmonsters! 52 weighs (295 grams) and 58 degree not sure. There is a thread about these back in 2008 on here :) 110 for both. Grips: 6 used stichback gripmasters (the tack is lost but maybe you can regain it - gripmasters themselves got something sticky and can ship within US but not abroad) and 1 brand new - never used. JOP 1.0 in blue - used for 5 months Trade interest: 56 and 60-70 degree wedge Paypal gifted - I ship from sweden - you pay for shipping or maybe we can split depends on what you buy - No grips are included on the shafts.
  2. @Spoon Quadra FEX UT 85S - 38.75 (was playing 41 in AF903 head) - 150 USD - just one practice session
  3. If I could get ahold of the Super stroke black tie maybe i would give that a go.. But ill buy a Flatso 1.0 counterweight - One of few larger grips taht weigh 50 grams I need something lighter than my JOP - it is 75 grams.. .. If anyone is interested in trying a JOP let me know =)
  4. Hello guys, I've been putting crosshanded for a couple of years and the feeling of a flatso 1.0 is perfect as the left hand can grip something that is not as narrow as a normal paddle grip. Currently I have the Iomic midsize but also tried the Elite putter grip and the left hand does not really sit nicely on those grips. Today i'll put on my JOP and see how it feels.. Is there any grip that is bigger on the downpart of the grip? Masda? Maybe I need to order a flatso once again and paint it..... ugly grip that is.
  5. I've tried 6 jdm drivers or so - never got one to really work for me - until recently - Modart MA01D+R - so easy to hit.
  6. Hello lads, The modart 22* hybrid is it 277 grams? 342-65? and the 19* is 271?
  7. Put on the JOP and it feels good :) Always in the business to try new grips tho. I like the shape of the flatso 1.0 as i use ribbed grips on all other clubs in the bag..
  8. Hi gents, Looking for MA01F preferably 16 degrees and the hybrid in 22. Also looking for two wedges - 56&60 degrees - prefer to buy both wedges from the same person as shipping costs will be cheaper..
  9. Just received mine today 11,5 degrees 200 gram head - installed it with my Fire express RB - express epoxy.. 1,5 hour later at the range i started hitting this thing.. The head itself is very well done and looks like its stated a mixture of shallow and deep. Just perfect. The most forgiving JDM head I ever had in my bag - had the ryoma v-spec - yamaha - jbeam 435. It is worth trying if you are after something forgiving and very sexy.
  10. Crazy f16 and f19 - deep face and i would say they are fairly forgiving and works great in rough too
  11. My 100 is too short? ;)
  12. Exactly I butt trimmed it but wanted to try it on another club and the SW was not good so I epoxied it back to the shaft and played with it for 3 rounds. And I will remove it if asked otherwise i will let it stay for someone to see if they prefer that lenght or not :)
  13. No love for a Rombax Type S? =)
  14. Yeah sorry - it didnt mean 110 including shipping. now its updated
  15. I'll try the romaro alpha at 58
  16. hello, anyone know a particular head that is or can be bought really flat? mizuno mp craft 661 was 58,5 standard i believe and could be bought from factory at -1,5 degrees so 57..
  17. Not overly sure.. But I game my irons, wedge and my putter flat.. and for me it was like night and day. It would be fun to bend a driver to 55 or so.. Romaro Alpha is 58 as standard which is interesting =)
  18. close
  19. Cheers :) 5 is a bit much... ;) but maybe 2-3.5..
  20. Hello guys, Anyone who have bent their irons flat? weak strong? I bent mine 1,5 degrees flat all of them and might want them even more flat.. How many degrees strong can you bend the af901's? I got a 19 degree but it is impossible to get a good SW if you game a shorter shaft... so maybe buy a 22 or even 25 and bend it strong to about 20?