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    Titleist 916 8.5 driver stiff Fourteen 3 &5 wood 4-pw onoff forged stiff nippon modus 52&56 60 piretti wedges 2014 prototype pirreti putter

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  1. Seven Double Milled Wedges

    300 for both
  2. OnOff Kuro 4 or 5-W

    I had a set of Kuro 4-pw they are great.
  3. WTB Fourteen RM-22

    Are you still looking for some fourteen rm-22 in good condition?
  4. Onoff forged 2013

    I had a set they are great.
  5. Seven Double Milled Wedges

    Hi! My name is Bruno Strzalka and I am the PGA Professional at Fair Oaks Golf Club in Oakland, TN. I have 2 seven nonconforming wedges. Lofts are 52 and 56. I played them a few times in practice rounds and they spin like crazy! I can't use them in competition. Make me an offer and I will add shipping. They are 7 of 10 in condition. Thank you! Bruno Strzalka PGA Professional Fair Oaks Golf Club Oakland, TN
  6. WTB: Fourteen type 7 26 degree

    Hi, I am a PGA Professional at Fair Oaks Golf Club in Oakland, TN. I have a FourteenType 7 hybrid 26 *. Great club that carries about 190. My swing speed is high 80 mph with irons. Asking 200. It has a regular aldila hybrid shaft. Thanks and have a great day!
  7. 52 or 53 degrees wedge

    2015 onoff 52/8 nippon modus Brand new!