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    Romaro 460HX (TourAD GP5S), Epon 203 FW 3 and 5 (Fubuki AT 65S), Epon 503 (NSPro 95R), Epon 213 KGX wedges, SC newport select
  1. FS Dance with Dragons, Fourteens, A-Grind

    Could you PM me the price of the heads + shipping to singapore?
  2. need help with legitimacy of GF putter

    Noted...mod...please close this thread Sorry if i have offended anyone with my post. New to JDM and golds...really love to own one real soon
  3. Hi, im new to JDM and TSG. But glad i found this forum. Recently stumbled upon this on ebay. Need help to know if this is legit. Cos ive checked GF website on the orders, and order 1990 is another model altogether. So question before i bid is....legit or pass