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  1. Eyedoc

    Basileus Biz 70 Stiff

  2. Will get it
  3. Eyedoc

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    A Grind DST is what you’re looking for! Square face, low spin easy to launch and does not hook.
  4. Thanks guys!😁🥂
  5. Hi 1. Selling my recently bought Basileus Biz90 Stiff 5-P (bought at tourspecgolf 1280 plus taxes = $1400.00. One time pull, very very smooth just too heavy for me $OLD 5iron at 37.65 2. Bought from the other forum NS Pro Modus 3 105R 5-P plus 115 wedge and 125 wedge Too heavy for me $175 plus shipping
  6. Hi How about the head?
  7. Eyedoc

    Masters pick

    Go Rory!
  8. Eyedoc


  9. Head should be 350grams or more Can be head only or w shaft at 34” Let me know if you have one w it’s correspinding specs
  10. Eyedoc


    Bangvoo Premium Driver shaft Stiff 260cpm paired w low spin very forgiving 10.5 Modart Mao1D +R. Too stiff and too low spin for me. Shaft 1 time pull Head w crown and scuff marks. Face is clean - refer to pics Thanks!
  11. Eyedoc

    Modart-JBeam-Ryoma Driver /Epon 503

    Epon 503s sold!
  12. 1. Modart MA01D+R 10.5* 3rd in TSG’s rankings. Mid Trajectory Low spin Crown , scuff marks 7/10- no dings no dents Face is good 8.5/10 375usd Shipped! 2. JBeam zy11 10.5* SOLD!! Scratch on the crown w scuff marks - won’t affect play This is Legendary. Read about it! Goes well with TRPX Air ( which I will hold on first unless someone is interested) SOLD !! Shipped! 3. Ryoma Type V D-1 Maxima 10.5* SOLD!!! Crown and scuff marks. Face and bottom part shows normal wear and tear but wont affect play. High Launch and very long! SOLD!!! Shipped! 4. Epon AF 503 SOLD!! ATTAS 80R 5i 38 standard length Dance with Dragons grips Used for 1.5 years. Best combination for SS 85-95 mph SOLDusd Shipping out of Manila Buyer pays half of shipping cost