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  1. Bangvoo/Modart

    Bangvoo Premium Driver shaft Stiff 260cpm paired w low spin very forgiving 10.5 Modart Mao1D +R. Too stiff and too low spin for me. Shaft 1 time pull Head w crown and scuff marks. Face is clean - refer to pics $600.00 usd split shipping cost (Manila) Thanks!
  2. Modart-JBeam-Ryoma Driver /Epon 503

    Epon 503s sold!
  3. 1. Modart MA01D+R 10.5* 3rd in TSG’s rankings. Mid Trajectory Low spin Crown , scuff marks 7/10- no dings no dents Face is good 8.5/10 375usd Shipped! 2. JBeam zy11 10.5* SOLD!! Scratch on the crown w scuff marks - won’t affect play This is Legendary. Read about it! Goes well with TRPX Air ( which I will hold on first unless someone is interested) SOLD !! Shipped! 3. Ryoma Type V D-1 Maxima 10.5* SOLD!!! Crown and scuff marks. Face and bottom part shows normal wear and tear but wont affect play. High Launch and very long! SOLD!!! Shipped! 4. Epon AF 503 SOLD!! ATTAS 80R 5i 38 standard length Dance with Dragons grips Used for 1.5 years. Best combination for SS 85-95 mph SOLDusd Shipping out of Manila Buyer pays half of shipping cost
  4. SOLD: Bangvoo MVC 80t Stiff 260

    The materials used and the complexity of it’s construction. This has 80t carbon rather than 70t and the metal composite at the tip making it more stable and consitent. It’s a dated shaft but nothing compares how good this really is!
  5. I think this is the BEST driver shaft of all time but too stiff for me😫. Plays at 44.5. Trade for Bangvoo MVC Stiff 250cpm $OLD split shipping from Manila
  6. Bangvoo MAVC 250cpm

    Let me know if you have ☝️
  7. For those who want DISTANCE!!! 1. AAA 2017 Basileus $old Check out TSGs top ranked shafts for 2017 and feel the difference of this shaft compared to others. Very long - very stable !! It can play at 45.5 2. Limited Edition AugaG $old A cheaper version of the Basileus. Very Nice! We split the shipping. Shipping from Manila. Thanks!
  8. SOLD

    JBeam head sold. Grandista, Epon and Trpx Traded.
  9. SOLD

    Need to sell and make room! Minimal usage - clean crown and face, some sole marks, some smudge marks but definitely no issues 1. Epon 460ZR 10.5^ TRADED 2. TRPX D-013 10^ TRADED 3. Grandista LS-01 10^ muted head TRADED 4. JBeam Glorious 10.5^ $250.00 5. FEX Max 50 Stiff can play at 45.25 (w the Epon head) SOLD 6. Auga G 50 Stiff can play at 45.5 (w the Glorious head) $ 175.00 We can split the shipping fee. I’m from Manila. REASONABLE offers will be considered😜 so make one😱!
  10. Epon AF-903 Hybrid

    I have one! PM me Im based in Manila though
  11. found

    I have the FEX Max plus 5S with either Trpx S-016 or Trpx D-013 both in 10' Pm me if interested