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  1. Hello I was hoping someone might have some information regarding a Japanese version of the Taylor made M1 driver. I currently have a 2017 US model in 8.5° and I think the face is flattening. Does anyone know if there is a Japanese version that is made with better quality? Thank you for your time Dan
  2. Questions about the Mitsubishi shaft out of Japan

    Thanks a lot that's exactly the information I was looking for. Dan
  3. Questions about the Mitsubishi shaft out of Japan

    Thanks here's another picture with some other graphics on the shaft
  4. I just purchased are use driver off of eBay from Japan. it is an 8° works CBR driver It has a Mitsubishi rayon shaft but doesn't give specifics on shaft weight. The auction indicated that it was an extra stiff. But I was wondering if anyone could tell Me with the launch profile is? dan
  5. MEGA SALE. An absolute ton of Primo Gear

    you have PM about the Tourstage X-FW Type T - 12.5*
  6. Need pocket money clearance sales

    Hello In interested in your Jbeam driver. what is the loft? Dan