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    Integra L1 Ti-Ion 360cc Driver 7.5*; Snake Eyes CMF Fairway Wood 14*; Mizuno MP Fli Hi 18*; Mizuno MP Fli Hi 21*; Mizuno MP Fli Hi 24*; Tourstage X-Blade 901 5-p; Scor 53* Wedge KBS Tour x-stiff 8 iron; Scor 57* Wedge KBS Tour x-stiff 8 iron; Nike Victory Red Forged 60* Fst Kbs Steel Wedge; Snake Eyes MCS1
  1. I have an old retro 2 iron tournament blade. The shaft band states, KM1024, stiff. I assume KM stands for Katsuhiro Miura. Any idea what modern shaft would be equivalent to it as I want to shaft a 3 and a 4. Thank in advance for your help.
  2. I recently picked up a used 2 iron and actually seem to hit it quite well. Can anyone help identify this blade. The font looks different from most Miura clubs I've seen. If it is a counterfeit it actually hits and feels quite good. Thanks in advance for any information.
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