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  1. SaturatedFat

    Hybrids (jbeam/romaro/agrind)

    Not sure about the Romaro, but I own the new UT for A-Grind (BX-H) and JBeam (G-UT) I know I might sound crazy but.... I hit the BX-H better than the G, But the G's feel, look, hit satisfaction and distance is better while as the AGrind seems a bit dull in comparison? What a contradiction. But yeah, I still hit better with the A-Grind lol.
  2. I have tried the entire PXG lineup new and old (Except the FW) but I guess really in the end its about what really works for you. When I began playing golf I used JDM clubs (Maruman Royal SP, PRGR Egg), and also Taylormade M2 and Titelist but I thought PXG really suited me well. The main selling point for me was the feeling / contact of the club when hitting the ball. To me its a feeling that cannot be explained or replicated but I feel some sort of kick I guess? Well anyone who plays with me always asks if they can hit a shot or two off my PXG clubs and everytime they do they have a smile on their face. I actually mix JDM woods to compliment my PXG Irons, wedges and Driver, so i hope its not as biased. From my findings Driver 0811x - relatively forgiving, I wouldn't say its the farthest driver I've hit, but above average distance. It takes time to get used to especially that muffled sound when you hit, similar to a silencer on a gun. A dull sound when contact. Hybrid - One of the not so forgiving clubs, but when you hit it center it will deliver. Irons - I think this is where PXG shines. They are mostly known for their expensive, but subjectively worth it Irons. Wedges Putter - Well to be honest the putters are not the most economical but they do have a cool look to it. Great to show off to your friends. I'm a big guy so my putter is 375g, which is heavier than most putters but at least it stabilizes my putt. I'll continue to update my findings because I am at work, i'll edit this post with more details as the day goes by..