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  1. Epon AF Tour CB 4-PW w/ Nippon Modus 130 Stiff Shafts & XROZ Tour (White/Gold) Grips SPECS: Length- 38.25/37.75/37.25/36.75/36.25/35.75/35.25 Standard Epon Loft/Lie D2 Swing Weight $700 Paypal Gift ([email protected]) Sorry, No Trades
  2. RomaRo Ray V Forged Irons 4-PW (7pc) Heads Only; Standard (RomaRo Ray) Loft/Lie; Good Condition- Some Bag Chatter & Dings $350 Paypal Gift ([email protected])
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    Regarding the Mizuno MP-66 & MP-55 iron sets: I will be building the MP-55’s with Accra Tour 110i shafts & the MP-66’s with Accra Tour 124i shafts, so they will only be available as is for the next 3-4 days...
  4. Price Drop— 1.) Epon Personal LTD MB 3-PW ($600) 2.) Epon Personal 3 4-PW ($700)
  5. kcs217


    RomaRo Specs: Standard RomaRo Loft/Lie Lengths: 4-38.5; 5-38; 6-37.5; 7-37; 8-36.5; 9-36; PW-35.5; 48*-35.5
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  8. 1.) Epon Personal Ltd MB Irons 3-PW HEADS ONLY $500 (PayPal Gift/No Trades) 2.) Epon Personal 3 4-PW HEADS ONLY FYI, the white marks on the sole of the 4&5 irons are from hitting off a mat and can be wiped off... $650 (PayPal Gift/No Trades)
  9. The Crazy 460s, with the weight placements & face angle, certainly appear to be draw biased... i was concerned about that when I first got it, because my natural shot is a draw & my miss is a hook, particularly with the driver... However, the driver plays fairly neutral and is the most accurate driver I have at the moment... could be the Crazy Shooter Shaft, which I believe is more control oriented, or the fact that I have it at 45” playing length vs my other drivers at 45.5” or 46”... It is my favorite driver... Launches high & very forgiving
  10. So I’ve got a set of Crazy Target Tour Lite Stiff Shafts 3-PW & a new set of Epon SUS316 3-PW heads... Initially, I wanted to pair the Crazy Target Tour with a Crazy iron head (either MB or Sbi-02) & purchase some graphite shafts to pair with the SUS316, but I may just throw them in the SUS... For graphite, I’ve narrowed it down to Accra icwt 105, OT Tour 100/110, Crazy Cbi-01/02, and Basileus Biz 90/Bti 100... I would just roll the dice with either Basileus or Crazy shaft, but there are slight issues with each... 1.) I don’t think Basileus even makes a 3 iron shaft... & 2.) the Crazy Cbi-01/02 are available in only R or X flex, so I will have to get tricky with either a hard stepped R-flex or a soft stepped X-Flex... I’m trying to achieve a stiff flex with weight between 90-110 So, does anyone have experience with any of these shafts, and if so, what are your thoughts on the feel/performance? All opinions/suggestions would be appreciated.., Thanks
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