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  1. 1.) RomaRo Ray V Forged 4-PW; Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Stiff Shafts & Elite Y360S M58 Grips & RomaRo Ray 48* SX Wedge; DG Spinner Shaft & Golf Pride CP2 Grip $600 $500 Heads Only 2.) Mizuno MP-66 5-PW; True Temper Dynamic Gold s200 Shafts & Elite Tour Dominator 50C Soft (Navy Blue) Grips $500 $450 Heads Only 3.) Mizuno MP-55 5-PW; Nippon N.S. Pro 950GH Stiff Shafts & Stock Mizuno Grips $550 $500 Heads Only Shipping Included
  2. 1.) Ryoma Maxima Type-V 10.5* Driver; Crazy LY-01 Nero 7.4 (Stiff) Flex Shaft; Crazy Cadero Grip (Black) w/ Backline; Crazy Ferrule. 45.5” Playing Length Ryoma Head-Cover Included MINT CONDITION $475 PayPal Gift (No Trades)
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  4. 1.) A-Grind Y Proto 10* Driver w/ TRPX El Dorado SR (Stiff-Regular) Shaft & Crazy Cadero Ribbed/Reminder Grip & Watanabe Skull-02 Wood Ferrule 44” Playing Length $450 PayPal Gift (No Trades)
  5. 1.) Epon Personal Ltd MB Irons 3-PW HEADS ONLY $650 (PayPal Gift/No Trades) 2.) Epon Personal 3 4-PW HEADS ONLY FYI, the white marks on the sole of the 4&5 irons are from hitting off a mat and can be wiped off... $750 (PayPal Gift/No Trades)
  6. The Crazy 460s, with the weight placements & face angle, certainly appear to be draw biased... i was concerned about that when I first got it, because my natural shot is a draw & my miss is a hook, particularly with the driver... However, the driver plays fairly neutral and is the most accurate driver I have at the moment... could be the Crazy Shooter Shaft, which I believe is more control oriented, or the fact that I have it at 45” playing length vs my other drivers at 45.5” or 46”... It is my favorite driver... Launches high & very forgiving
  7. So I’ve got a set of Crazy Target Tour Lite Stiff Shafts 3-PW & a new set of Epon SUS316 3-PW heads... Initially, I wanted to pair the Crazy Target Tour with a Crazy iron head (either MB or Sbi-02) & purchase some graphite shafts to pair with the SUS316, but I may just throw them in the SUS... For graphite, I’ve narrowed it down to Accra icwt 105, OT Tour 100/110, Crazy Cbi-01/02, and Basileus Biz 90/Bti 100... I would just roll the dice with either Basileus or Crazy shaft, but there are slight issues with each... 1.) I don’t think Basileus even makes a 3 iron shaft... & 2.) the Crazy Cbi-01/02 are available in only R or X flex, so I will have to get tricky with either a hard stepped R-flex or a soft stepped X-Flex... I’m trying to achieve a stiff flex with weight between 90-110 So, does anyone have experience with any of these shafts, and if so, what are your thoughts on the feel/performance? All opinions/suggestions would be appreciated.., Thanks
  8. MINT Epon AF Tour CB 4-PW w/ Nippon Modus 130 Stiff Shafts & Lamkin Crossline Full Cord Grips .60 Reminder (From Tour Van) & (3) Nippon Modus 125 Wedge Specific Shafts w/ Lamkin Crossline Full Cord .58 Round Grips (From Tour Van) 38” 5 Iron; Standard Loft & Lie **Be advised, the reminder grips are installed with the reminder up because I’m weird like that ? Sorry if the photo’s suck and/or are not in order, but a professional photographer I am not... PayPal Gift $1750 No Trades
  9. Thanks... I was told there only 50 sets, so I suppose that is 1 reason for the crazy price point
  10. I’ve noticed that a few brands are doing this little slot inside the cavity... Baldo CB16V2 and now the Crazy T-20... Any idea what this design is supposed to do?
  11. I will most likely give the driver a go as it’s price is comparable to other premium brands, but at $3k I will not be messing with the T-20’s unless they have super powers ... If I’m dropping that kind of dough, Seven MCB
  12. The TTX are really good irons... The black finish makes them look tiny... Although TTX look like Miura CB-1008 & the shapes of each PW are nearly identical, they are more comparable to Epon SUS 316 in terms of size, playability/workability, and forgiveness... CB-1008 has a thicker sole... In terms of feel & forgiveness, Feel is sensational & a good amount of forgiveness... comparable to Epon 302 & SUS316, but not as forgiving as 302 & not as soft as SUS316... Somewhere in the middle, if that makes sense The CB16V2 is a monster, but it is huuuugggeee & has a large amount of offset, which doesn’t bother me as much in the longer irons... Not sure I would like the short irons, but as a long iron replacement they are superb... I handed the 24* 5 iron to friend of mine who is a pro and he took one look at it and handed it back... Too much offset for the discerning eye, but for someone who struggles with ball striking and whose miss is a slice, these are a very good option... The wedges, well... Probably shouldn’t say this because they are listed for sale, but the wedges are nothing extraordinary... Pretty typical in fact... The grips suck though... Any grip recommendations? Typically, I use Cord grips— either Lamkin Full Cord or Z-Grip, but I’ve got my eyes on Muziik Dry Compound, Masda Slicks, Elite Y360 SV, Perfect Pro X Hold Half Cord, and XROZ, but I only know what TSG provides with regard to such things, and, of course, what my Japanese-To-English translator tells me...
  13. Does anyone know anything about the new products being offered by Crazy? -CRZ T-20 irons -CRZ 460S Driver -Shooter Shaft The only info I can glean from Japanese-to-English Translator App is that they all cost an arm & a leg... And the 460s has an SP700 face
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