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  1. Ideally black, 34". Don't mind model, will consider any blade. Shipping to UK.
  2. Hi all, Looking for a head set in vgc. heads only is fine. Best, Sean
  3. Hi all, After another set of epon p2 heads. Shipping to UK. Would consider full clubs if they have oban ct115 (or aybe a c taper lite) in them S
  4. Got a brand new set I can't bring myself to game, so keen for an extra set. Will consider AF tours as well. S
  5. Seancmartin


    That's a great price for these clubs. GLWS.
  6. Agree completely. Beautiful from address, horrendous from the back. I guess I could learn to love it if it feels great though. Be interested to see what these play like, and whether or not they hold their specs with such a soft metal.
  7. Hi all, Set of PXG Gen 1 0311T irons - 5-W. Condition is used. Please check photos carefully - the 7 iron has been re-plated recently, so looks almost brand new, but one screw was chromed, but I will repaint this black for buyer. The PW has had the grooves recut (by previous owner) - see photo. The shafts in the photo will be pulled. I can sell these heads only, or can box them with a set of KBS $ taper 110 with PXG Pure grips (-1/2"). The shafts are essentially brand new, and came off my Gen 2's. I will ship these unbuilt, or I can build them for you with my ferrules/epoxy for a sma
  8. Hi there, Epon tour wedge. Had it refinished - regrooved etc and then refinished in cerakote ceramic. Has a pured KBS 610 shaft in it. Can paint fill the logo if buyer wants. Never hit since refinished. Looking for about £75 posted in the UK. Can work out international shipping costs or head only if international shipping. If Batman had a lob wedge, he'd probably play this. Sean
  9. SOLD Hi all, Brand new PXG Darkness 0311T fully milled lob wedge. Built by my good self with a KBS Customs (USA special edition) Hi Rev 2.0 and pure grip. Plays std length and about D5. £400 shipped in UK. $500 to USA, but can work out a deal on shipping etc I'm sure. Can take off £25/$30 for head only. Can provide email from PXG showing authenticity if you DM me. Sean
  10. I gave away my eye 2 1 iron as a gift not too long ago actually! I also just recently sold my CB202 2 iron - loved it. Totally agree re: flushed 2 iron, hoping I'll feel the same way about the 1! In honesty, I now just have the PXG 1 iron and 2 iron as option clubs - to swap out for my 3 wood and my 19 hybrid respectively depending on course conditions - can swap out one or both depending on what I fancy for that day. Ian - thanks for this bud, I didn't actually get the notification of your message, but believe it or not, I came across the very same listing and that very 1 bat is now s
  11. Hi all, Brand new, in wrapper left hand tour issue M6 4 hybrid. Specs can be seen on the sticker in photos. There is a tiny almost unnoticeable bit of damage to the rear, pictured £125 £99 shipped if in the UK. $125 + shipping to USA/Canada. Happy to discuss. Sean
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