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  1. I think I am still going to sell the KZG’s. I pulled them because I wanted to experiment a bit more with them but decided to move on. You are right though, the Kyoei forged KZG’s feel amazing, that’s why I’ve had such trouble letting them go. This is the third set of the Forged Cavity Backs I’ve owned (also owned two sets of KZG Forged Blades, equally nice), but I think it’s time to move on. So, the KZG’s are available again. Ive made a few changes to them since I originally listed. Now.... KZG Forged Cavity Back 3-AW, 2* upright, standard length, Dynamic Gold R300 shafts (removed the DG High Launch), Lamkin Utx Midsized cord wrap grips, custom funky 1970’s looking ferrules from Boyd Bloyd & Ferrule Co. Again, the AW was added later to the set and was refinished, so it looks more satin nickel compared to the rest of the set which is satin chrome. These clubs are like new. $450 plus shipping
  2. Last call on these sets. I’ll include free shipping to USA.
  3. Decided to keep the KZG’s so they are no longer for sale. All Hogan sets now reduced to $650 plus shipping.
  4. Hey Supo, yes, the Power Thrusts are USA forged carbon steel. I actually played this set before they were refinished and I thought they felt better than the Precision’s as well. Like I said in my response to Pete, the Power Thrusts are my favorite set of the three and if I sell the other sets first I’ll probably keep them and build them up. I played them with some 1950’s TT Rocket shafts and they played well with the heavy old shafts but I think with a modern set of shafts they would really come alive. I wish I could tell you how they feel now but it’s kind of a crapshoot but I think they would make a killer set.
  5. Here is a photo of one Hogan head, one KZG club and one 1954 Hogan Precision club with the date (last night). I already have the Sabers boxed and ready to ship so didn’t include that one in the photo. Please feel free to look up me up on other golf forums username deejaid or eBay id dee-jaid as I have 100% feedback over 19 years on eBay.
  6. Thanks for the reply Pete. The second set of Hogan’s, the Power Thrust are my favorite too! Ill get some photos with my name and date in the shot later today. Thanks!
  7. Hi all. I have some very special iron heads as well as irons and full sets looking for new homes. I thought this forum would be the appropriate place to find someone that can appreciate these classic clubs. Please PM me with any questions and see my eBay feedback, id dee-jaid. First up... 1958/59 Ben Hogan Saber Sunburst Iron Heads Set 2-Equalizer all fully restored to new condition. Here is your chance to build your ultimate dream set of Ben Hogan irons. These heads look as good or even better than when they left the factory over 60 years ago. $750 plus actual shipping costs Now $650 plus shipping Next, a fully restored set of 1960 Ben Hogan Power Thrust iron heads 2-Equalizer. These clubs look even better than when they left the factory as they have been refinished a beautiful satin that really sets these clubs apart. The Power Thrust represents a new direction in iron design from Mr. Hogan. After the iconic profiles of the Precision and Saber irons, the Power Thrusts were completely new, with sweeping lines and mass removed from the toe area. $750 plus actual shipping costs Now $650 plus shipping Next up is a complete, original, unrestored 1954 Ben Hogan Precision wood and iron set. This is an all original grail set of clubs for the serious player or collector. Precision woods are 1,2,3, and 4 woods with original True Temper Rocket shafts in regular flex and original leather grips. The clubs appear to be a custom set with a 2* upright lie angle. The irons are all matching specs, 2-9 iron, original Rocket regular flex shafts and original leather grips. Club heads also measure 2* upright and have an “H” stamped on the back of each head. I’ve tracked down a 1956/57 Utility wedge and added it to the set. This is a very rare club to find and is all original as well with a leather grip. Finally, a 1958 Hogan P106 putter finishes off the set again with the original leather grip. This set does show wear but not abuse. There are a few dings on the iron heads and there are some slight visible hosel cracks on some of the woods but those can easily be epoxied for many more years of play. I am offering these just as they are so the next owner can decide how much or little to do to get these clubs on the course. I can also epoxy the neck for the buyer if requested. These are truly a grail set and I doubt you will find a full hash hosel set in this condition again anytime soon. $750 plus actual shipping costs Now $650 plus shipping Finally I have a set of Kyoei forged KZG Forged Cavity Back Irons 3-AW +.5” standard loft and lie. True Temper Dynamic Gold R300 regular flex High Launch shafts and GripMaster leather grips. Clubs have been hit but are in near new condition. As good as any current Japanese forged iron head. Simple clean lines in a Players Cavity Back iron. Feeling of JDM for half the price. $475 plus actual shipping costs
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