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  1. Hi guys i'm new into the golf. So i'm looking for a good looking budget golf bag now. Anybody here have any recommendation? Thanks for any reply.
  2. Maybe a newbie question, I apologize. This is my Callaway XR16 3-wood. I love the club and generally hit it very well, but three times now I've had the ferrule "fixed"...it keeps creeping up the shaft. A number of questions, mostly why does this happen, and does this indicate the head is not stable? The head does not appear in any way loose or open. I won't say I center it every time, but I definitely don't hit the big ball before the little ball, and I miss to the toe not the heel when I do miss. I know it probably doesn't impact performance (right?) but it aggravates the hell out of me just looking at it. If it does impact performance, tell me so I can justify going to get a new one! Ha ha… Thanks.
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