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  1. i believe this website shows all the release date - https://www.taylormadegolf.com/product-specs.html?lang=en_US of all iron

    Taylormade RAC MB - Released in 2003 (MiuraGolf.com mentioned they make them in 2004)


    Taylormade RAC MB TP - Released in 2006 (not 2008 like golfalot.com says) it matches the article you mentioned about Goosen asked for TP MB. 

    Long story short, yes because of the TP lettering we went down into a rabbit hole, but we both learnt something today.. 


  2. 7 minutes ago, chiromikey said:

    Here’s the same stock photo from another google search. The TPs are stamped with “TP” in the center of the crest on the muscle and this includes the production date.


    Sir, please Google Look up "TaylorMade MB TP" release date which is May 1st 2008 https://www.golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/taylormade-rac-mb-tp-irons-review-335.aspx

    The screenshot you captured says only "TaylorMade MB" without TP. the reason why it's the same pic as TP is because the web site editor from golfalot.com not knowing the differences and used the same stock it should've have "RAC" wording instead of "TP" photo. 

    Thanks for the insight



  3. 1 minute ago, chiromikey said:

    These were the MB TPs


    Thank you for the pic! Really appreciate your feedback and heads-up on grain of salt. 

    below is the quote from MiuraGolf.com 


    2004 Yos**taka oversees OEM production for the TaylorMade RAC MB and CB. Using CB irons made by Miura Giken, Retief Goosen wins his second US Open.

    hope to address a few points 

    1. It mentioned only 2004 MB and CB

    2. The MB TP was released in 2008

    3. It didn't mention MB TP from 2008

  4. 2 minutes ago, chiromikey said:

    I still have a set of these that I bought new when I had no business playing blades simply because they were so pretty and felt amazing when center struck. They are fantastic and forced me to get on the path of becoming a better player. It’s been well over a decade since I knew much about these but I seem to recall them being Endo forged not Miura.

    As mentioned it’s been way too long for me to remember any definitive information so take my input with a grain of salt.

    it's was mentioned on Miura Golf.com that in 2004 they have done OEM production for TaylorMade RAC MB and CB 


  5.  Hi All,

    After extensive study, it's was mentioned on Miura Golf.com that in 2004 they have done OEM production for TaylorMade RAC MB and CB https://miuragolf.com/pages/yos**taka

    i decided to buy these golf from a local seller believing these are Miura forged, but I am still unsure after getting the club in my hands. I have DM'd @miuragolf and @miuragiken on IG and also drop an email to [email protected]. I didn't get any feedback yet. So I registered a new account here and hoping someone with some insights can share their thoughts.

    The reasons i believe these were Miura forged

    1. uneven 2mm offset stamp

    2. no coin forged pattern

    3. The T mark (tour?)

    next, i personally own a set of Miura MB-5005 and going to try the sound signature of both clubs see if they sounded the same, do you think this method can also help identify them?

    Please kindly share your insights & thoughts. 







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