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  1. Relisting these as the previous buyer backed out. Mizuno TN93, all standard spec , 37.75" 5 iron. I was going to custom fit these but thought better of disturbing the factory blueprint build. R400 shafts and good tour velvet grips. 4-PW. These were made in limited quantities and are from Mizuno's golden period with copper underlay and extra attention to detail. Easier to hit consistently than you'd imagine. $299 Firm and I'll cover shipping and fees to continental USA. Will listen to trade offers but am not really looking for more gear right now.
  2. Always willing to listen but actually trying to purge right now.
  3. You won't be disappointed. What is odd is that the stiff s200 and reg r400 are about the same flex and weight (withing a couple FCM). Soft Stiff vs strong Regular. Biggest difference is the R launches a little higher.
  4. Ya, Really debated on those and surprised no interest at this price so far. Pic added.
  5. Check pics for condition. Daiwa ONOFF Kuro from 2015 which are just too cool for school. Logo is used to adjust center of gravity plus tungsten in the soles of the longer irons for great forgiveness on a butter soft forging. I just prefer smaller heads and don't need this much help. 38" 5 iron standard specs. Good grips. 4-PW DG S200. Sold
  6. PM sent. I'll probably regret this.
  7. That's not offset in the forged, It's face progression. Similar offset on both.
  8. I can't imagine a better sole grind than the I-404. There crisp and at the same time wont dig. Much more penetrating flight than other Srixons that I've tried.
  9. I'd vote for the 1150s soft stepped. I actually don't think that they'll have a higher initiol launch than the other 2. The If the Dynamics were also stiff than they would definitely launch the lowest but the Rs do fly higher and your comparing to a stiff Nippon. You could also play the Nippons a bit stiffer to keep the ball down without worrying about distance loss or harshness.
  10. Old graphics Accra sc75 stiff tipped .5" should about right for your speed $45 Mid or lower launch low spin. no baloons.
  11. Crews 53* Triplesole spin milled satin wedge in excellent condition. One small mark on face in toe area and that's allto report. Shaft is a stiff spinner. 8* bounce. Standard everything. I'm keeping my 58*.Sold.
  12. No Epon but I've got a Crews 53 in great shape if you want to give it a try. It's shafted but you can have head only for $85. I'm keeping the 58 but I like more than the 8* of bounce in the 53 and it would be a crime to grind it. It's got an S-400 now. Add $10 with shaft. By the way, I finally found a dome to hit those I 404s with 1150s.
  13. Looking at the pics, The shafts first step is too short for R300s. Is that a reflection?
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