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  1. I have for sale a very nice Miura Stand Bag, the condition is excellent. All the zippers work flawless and everything is made with really high quality. Price is shipped ContUS but will ship worldwide at buyer’s cost. $SOLD paypal/email is [email protected]
  2. Looking for the Black (flatter lie) JPN issue TP head only or shafted. email me at [email protected] US Shipping needed.
  3. I have a near new Black Limited edition Scotty Cameron PinFlag golf carry/cart bag. This thing looks fantastic. Got Scotty stuff all over it. You can't tell if its been used or not. Priced as low as I've seen at $535 shipped REDUCED to $500 Shipped CONT US. I will ship worldwide at Plus Actual shipping. I have a 100% pos feedback on GolfWRX and Ebay under mattsam1
  4. It's been pulled more than once. I pulled it from my Adams sleeve with my Mitchell puller and low heat dryer gun. It was a pullout when I purchased it. I do not know how many times the previous owner pulled it.
  5. He found his answer and edited it out. It was nothing. I just put this on ebay with a higher starting price. Trying to sell to someone on TSG that appreciates it more.
  6. I have a Stinger 60s- excellent shaft just sticking with my DI6 Tipped 3/8 of an inch to help with sleeve I used. Shows slight abrasion next to the tip. Price reflects. Its hardly noticable. $370 shipped and paypalled US, actual shipping outside [email protected] is paypal and email
  7. Make me an offer before I go on golf vacation in 3 days. I can ship tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday After that its off the market for weeks. PM any offer motivated to move it. [email protected] is my direct email and easiest way to get in touch with me
  8. I have for sale a Stinger 60 Stiff with Adams Fast 12 Tip installed. Tip Can be removed but the price is no difference as I would need to pay to remove it. Shaft is approximately 43" Raw Tipping is .400" Exactly I have the tip end still. I cut it. Tip probably has a few pulls on it and looks excellent, EXCEPT- there is a brush mark from sandpaper, as shown in the picture. The adams adapter is very short bore depth, much will be covered. Even with normal bore and ferrell it will be mostly unnoticeable because the colors are almost the same. Previous owner extended the butt end, but I removed it. The length is unextended The shaft does play phenominal. I wish I could hold on to it. Has Golf Pride Ultralight grip, I can remove it if you wish There is no Butt Sticker Price $525 shipped to US $575 Shipped Worldwide Make offer this week! [email protected] is paypal and email address to discuss. I'd be interested in a 3 wood with TM tip shaft only, as PARTIAL trade.
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