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  1. The clubhead is 370 grams and it feels very balanced in a 32 inch shaft. (There is a 350 gram version of the head which would probably feel better in a longer length shaft.) Regarding feel in general, there's still a nice "click" at contact but the ball feels like it just melts off the face (and not in the mushy polymer insert way). The Miura is definitely a precision putter...not forgiving at all. Just a few millimeters off the sweet spot and the club lets you know right away by way of feel(the ball also lets you know by being short of the target). However the clubhead is stable through impact; it does not twist, even on an off center hit. All and all though, I expect that this club will be my gamer for quite some time.
  2. The Fubuki was not tipped. Thanks for looking!
  3. Hey there! The title says it all. Both shafts are used, just a little over 43 inches, and were professionally pulled. Motore F1 55R - $95 Fubuki 63 R - $189 Prices include shipping to lower 48 states. Other locations may be more. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!
  4. She's my new gamer! We'll see how she performs after the honeymoon period...
  5. My new toy... Miura 1957 Series MP-006 (370 grams)
  6. LAST PRICE DROP! $299 or Head-Only Price $199
  7. Another Price Drop! $369 with shipping included to lower 48 states. PM me for other locations. Thanks!
  8. Price Drop! $419 with shipping included to lower 48 states. PM me for price to other locations. Thanks for looking!
  9. The topic title says it all: Fourteen Golf JC 707 Driver in 10.5 Loft Shaft: Graphite Design PT-6 in SR flex Grip: Iomic Sticky light blue with pink top Condition 8.5-9 (the only blemish is on the toe and is not visible at address) See pictures for more details. PRICE $469 Shipping included to lower 48 states (other locations may be more...PM me for quotes) NEW PRICE! $419 PRICE DROP! $369 Head-Only Price $249 LAST PRICE DROP! $299 or Head-Only Price $199 Thanks for looking!
  10. Sorry if this question has already been covered in another thread, but how do you satinize a club? Can us mere mortals do it?
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