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    New Cleveland Driver????

    I know cleveland has new 460, it should be out real soon. However, I don't think that is is replacing the comp. It is replacing the 460 lanucher. In my store the prices of all the launcers went down to make way for the new stuff, butt the price of the comp remained the same. I am pretty sure the rep said that the new driver would be out before the end of the year.
  2. Anybody out there playing or have played the x tour irons. Are they worth $1000 or is it all hype. I own several sets of forged irons but havn't bought any in a while (6 months) and was thinking of trying one with a bigger cavity. Just wanted to get some opinions.
  3. blackcrowe420

    Any Diamanas for Hybrids?

    go to taylormadegolf.com, Diamana is the factory installed shaft for the new TM Rescue Duel TP. I think the specs of the shaft are listed on thier site.
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    Looks like I'm the only one from arkansas up in here
  5. blackcrowe420

    Hello All

    I have been checking out the site for several weeks now and have finally registered so i can join the forums. This site is awesome. I manage a golf retail store and thought i was overly familiar with all golf products until I found this site. All this import stuff is so impresive. Anyway, glad to be a member and can't wait for you people to educate me benefits of all the import equipment. Thanks Blackcrowe