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  1. Great I'm looking forward to it!! Do any of you guys know a good place to get fitted in Myrtle? I need new fairways and wedges and none of the stores around here really have the expertise or selection I'm looking for. I posted on wrx... but people don't seem to be responding.
  2. Hey Guys! Long time... I'm finally starting to get settled in here in Florence. Things couldn't be better. the job is great our apartment is twice the size and a couple hundred less. I finally got a chance to play some golf last weekend. I played with some guys from work. I hadn't played weeks so I was a little rusty. The driver warmed up quick but the short game never came around. The guys were absolutely in awe of my driving... hehehe... that makes every dime I've ever spent on a club worth it... hehe. I've been practicing pretty regularly since then b/c I'm going to Myrtle Beach next weekend with the same bunch of guys... it'll be about 20 of us. Its my first golf weekend trip, I'm really excited. They set it up to be a budget friendly trip so the only course worth noting on the schedule will be the Fazio at Barefoot. I haven't been to Myrtle in years so it should be great. Be sure to let me know if any of you are heading down there because I'm only about 45mins west. As far as ho'ing goes... I'm in dear need of FW/Hybrid reclubing. I still have those close faced Cway Stlheads with steel shafts in a 3 and a 5 and a TM hybrid in a 4. I have no confidence in the distance gaps between them and my irons. Also since they are so much more closed than any club in my bag I have to change my swing to hit them straight, which is never good. I usually end up cutting it too hard and end up with a fade. I also want to redo my wedge set up because I'm not happy with my distance gaps there either... so maybe my tax return will help fund that effort.... other than that I'm super happy with my setup the 425 with the v2 is bombing straight and the irons are perfect. well thats my update good to see everyones keeping things rolling over here... later
  3. Hey guys... Oh my goodness! what a crazy series of events! I won't bore ya'll (hint hint) with the details, but my company is relocating me to their plant in hartsville SC. My first day of work will be January 8th, 2007. I gotta say I'm excited... I'll miss snowboarding as much as I was able to last year, but I hope to make it up by playing golf year round. I'm probably going to end up living in Florence, since Hartsville is a little too quiet for my liking... so that means I'll only be an hour or so away from Myrtle Beach. I heard they got a couple of courses there... hehe Just thought I'd let the gang know about my new location... good to see everyone's doing well!
  4. Hey Chris... thanks of the kind words. I think I got the moneky off my back! I know just the other day I was ready to pack it all in but it doesn't take too long to get on the right track again. It turns out that I had developed a reverse pivot while trying to turn around my center. This then caused me to throw my hands at the ball, thus topped hooks. While trying to fix this I did clean up my grip to a more neutral conventional grip. Now I am able to fade the ball, actually my tendency is to a fade now. I've lost a little distance but I like it. Even when my swing was good I was having trouble rolling my draw through fairways, now I should be able to be more precise with my ball! I saw the pro I worked with the other day again, and he was floored by my drastic change. gotta love this game.
  5. Hey Mke, good to here your doing well!! I'll be waiting for the story of your first round back! Sorry but I never got your email... try here [email protected] I was looking at Harley's and the likes, but now all of a sudden I got the itch for a performance bike. Haven't really done much research on it yet. I first need a car. I'm trying to hold out for the new Camaro. In Small Ball news.... I myself am about ready to give up on golf, or atleast switch to lefty. We had a bunch of rain last week and the week before, and had some serious flooding. Needless to say I didn't get to play or practice for a while. Prior to the rain I was hitting better than ever. Broke 80 in three consecutive rounds. I was feeeling great. Then everything cleared off Wednesday, things were too wet so Thursday I went out to the range. It took a little bit to get the irons working but I got them going, but the driver was dead. Maybe hit one or two decent shots, but the rest were low snap hooks. I didn't think much of it because I was still crushing my 3w, so I figure my driver was just feeling a little silly. Friday, I wanted to play but went to the range b/c I got out of work late and the problem go worse... I was still hitting my irons ok, but I was fighting a BIG hook. I work with it, but it wasn't ideal. My driver wasn't doing anything, I couldn't hit anything past 150. It would go out to 150 real low and then take a 90* left turn. AWFUL. I was hoping it was just a fluke and would go away, but I wasn't that lucky. I had to work Saturday and I had plans to play Sunday morning, so after work Saturday I went to the range to try to figure things out before I got out on the course. Things had gotten worse now everything was a low hook. So I quickly got a pro to look at it. The pro was amazed by how quickly I was turning over my wrists combined with my quick tempo from the top. He said 99.9% of people who swing as quickly as me can't hit anything but a slice but somehow I was exactly the oposite. for 45 minutes he worked with me to try to get me to hit a slice. The closest we got was some pushes, but they still turned over to the left. He was so shocked by my swing that he didn't charge me for the lesson and told me to come back in a couple of days. If we can't do anything to get me back on the right track then he said he would give me a deal on lefty clubs. I don't think he was joking. Sunday was terrible. I didn't hit driver in the air till sixteen a nice push onto fifteen's tee box. My irons were equally as bad, knifed hooks all day. My foursome was impressed by two things; My ability to hook a 50yrd chip, and my ablitily to keep my sense of humor through all 18 holes. It was real hard but I didn't throw a club all day! Yesterday the drama continued, for father's day I got my father a lesson so I wanted to meet up with him after his lesson. He was hitting it really nicely, however I still had my hooks. I worked and worked and worked and finally got myself hitting some big pushes, this made me happy. Atleast they were getting up in the air and going somewhere. I can't wait till this curse gets lifted off me, its just horrible. AWFUL
  6. My thoughts and prayers are with you Mike. Look forward to hearing from you soon!
  7. I finally got to play my first couple of holes this season. I played my irons really great. Shot a 3 over didn't hit one fairway, but got real close. 5 bogeys, 1 birdie, 3 pars. All the bogeys were on three putts or green side wedge and two putt. The greens were really bumpy. The course seemed to have two grasses competing for space. The one breed seemed to grow faster than the other which results in bumps. The whole seemed real big because I have been working with this small cup putting tool. It worked, long putts were a shot in the dark but short putts seemed hard to miss even with the bumps. It was definitely a great way to start the season. Can't wait to get in 18.
  8. I've been struggling to find my swing so far this season. Also I have developed a huge blister on my left thumb (I'm a righty). I think these two might be related. Can anyone make any sense of this?
  9. just in case you guys don't make your way over to the general forum, here are my masters pics. http://forum.tourspecgolf.com/index.php?showtopic=21628 I didn't shoot any WITB shots, but concentrated on trying to get a mixture of golfer shots and some shots to give the feeling of what it is like to be there. In other news I went to the driving range for the first time in '06. Started off pretty good. The wedges and short irons were really consistent. I think, however, that I moved to quickly into the higher irons, fw, and driver. I found myself getting really ticked because I wasn't hitting pure shots with my 3i... duh... I haven't swung a club in months! My 3w was money as usual, but the driver was not working. I felt really uncomfortable swinging it. In past years I have worked so hard on the long ball with pretty good success, however very little effect on the scorecard. This year I am really going to focus on the short game and tune things in real tight from the green to the tee box. This was an especially interesting trip to the range because my girlfriend decided she would like to play golf. I guess she finally realized its the only way she is going to see me on weekends. Its a good thing too, because I really like what I have in the bag right now and don't see a reason to change. I'll be able to fulfill my quota of golf club puchases on her gear.
  10. sorry didn't know I was off my schedule. Alcaps, hows the coaching going? I was thinking of getting involved with a school around here as a way to kill some time.
  11. I am absolutely amazed that this thread is still going! I just got back from my first Masters experience. I went to the Monday and Tuesday practice rounds. I have a bunch of pics. I'll upload them to my website when I get a chance. So how's everyone been doing?
  12. hey mike, that is really good! PBS has been doing those "deadhead" pledge drives for years now. It makes sense you'd be hard pressed to find a more liberal basic cable station. I personally love PBS... NOVA is some of the best TV ever. In golf related news, I picked up a tour 540xd and am really liking it. I got it in a 8.5 with a nvs75. I need some work done on my 983 to get the swingweight right and then we'll have a real shootout. I never thought I would get suckered into that tour s**t, but the thing is really sweet.
  13. I lost my lob wedge this past weekend during 3.5 hrs worth of 9 holes in 100deg heat! Not exactly a great day on the course for me!
  14. These rummors are older than dirt... I remember hearing people say that people were putting HIV needles in pay phone change bins... Thank God for Cell Phones!
  15. wow mike sorry to hear you lost the desire... I am suree a break will have you itching for more!
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