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  1. Where did we all go? Mike Alan Mack Shoe Lance Check in!!!! Andy
  2. Well time to check in. I have started to play a little more actually played two rounds back to back last week. Alan - good to hear that the house is on its way to solid footing. Rember - house done man dies. I will say a prayer for your Dad - hope he recovers quickly. did you ever sell the irons ?
  3. Mike - Happy Anniversary ! I am glad you are feeling better and the golf game is coming back to boot. Sorry you will have to find a job and just can't retire on your way out. Alan - sorry to hear about the wrist problem. Told you not to visit those websites too often. Just kidding my freind. Hey I will take you Srixon's if the price is right - let me know what else you got via e -mail. As for me - I am in the final weeks of baseball. One kid did not make it to the playoffs the other wraps up on the 23rd. Daughter made it softball playoffs. Anyway -- I have been playing a bit more this year. Even joined the Lithuanian Golf Club after a 12 year lapse and managed to win my first match play event on Memeorial Day weekend. Made some swing changes and the results are looking good. having fun playing golf again.
  4. How about a retail Nickent 3+ 18.5 degree with a rare Fujikura FTB90 shaft in X flex.
  5. Mike - sounds like you will be back to full action this summer. Glad to hear. I look at your sig and say "Man that is old school" but top quality. It seems like yesterday when you had the driver and fairways rigged. Shoe - I think you will love the Gauge irons. I think allot of people struggled with the Z101's - while they were great looking irons I could just never get them dialed in. I believe Alan and Lance had the same problem. Well Lance and Alan lead the iron count and I come in right behind them - but as much as much as I am tempted to move to something more forgiving than the TM CB's - I just can't shake them out of the bag. The snow fall and tough times at work are really getting me depressed. I had to cancel my son's last three baseball practices. Oh well the weather can only get better. Best wishes - off to do the Lithuanian Sun dance !
  6. I plan on coming back from FLA as the sunburnt Michelin man. Warm weather is right around the corner - but IMO courses are not worth playing in the midwest until the greens are cut.
  7. Shoe - puncki's rock. But only on fat tuesday. Glad to here that you do not have to take the shots. Well it was 74deg. here today and managed some time at the range. The 905R and diamana whiteboard is a great combo. Once I got swinging I managed to hit some long bombs. Was very impressed - the shaft has great feel despite being tip stiff - kind of like Pro-lite on steriods. The family and I are hitting the Orlando area at the end of the month - can't wait for some warmth and golf. My younget asked if he can bring a platic bag on the Hulk ride at Universal - too funny.
  8. Well looking to get back into the game again after a short lay off. Considering a Ozik Code 7 SX to put into a 905 R. Currently have a V2 76 gram in it. Like the flight but the shaft lacks any feel. Also willing to consider other shafts. Swing speed is 105 Quick tempo More of a hitter. Driver distance averages 260 Misses prior to V2 are left Would consider other recommendations Axiv or Diamana.
  9. Shoe - you bummed me out. I was going to come out to Cascade and take the kids skiing this weekend. 18" of snow would have been awesome. Alan - now you in Furyk have something in common. Also good to hear you have some talent on the golf team.
  10. Shoe sorry to here that you are diabetic. Good to hear about the weight loss and new workout routine . My blood test last spring showed that my glucose is borderline. Time to watch it. I did manage to hit the range today - sure did not feel like 35deg. I picked up a 905 R driver with V2 in it. I like the reults I was getting but man that shaft has no feel to it like the good old 660 TR.
  11. I have this feeling more of us will be coming back out of the woodwork this season. The bug is starting to hit me pretty hard. Even ho'd a new (used) driver. Pete - regarding hybrids check out the nickent. I like it much better than the TM TP I had - no hooks. Alan how are those Srixon's treating you ?
  12. Al - never heard from Lance - have been using the shaft as a poker for the smoker fire pit. :tsg_smilie_whistle: I have not hit a golf ball since September - actually getting the urge.
  13. Well happy Holidays to All ! Al -all three turkeys came out great - 2 on the smoker and 1 on the BBQ ! Mike - hope all is well ! Shoe - Warm day in the land of cheese ! Guys have a Very Merry Christmas.
  14. Just checking in ! All is well with me and the family. Mike - I need to hear from you - especially if your back in the T.O. area. Alan - hope your Dad recovers quickly. All in all - just lost the umff to play. Hope all are well !!!! Andy
  15. Best dam e mail I ever got ! Sponge bath sounds good - Happy Ending would be better. Hang in there man.
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