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  1. Yes, I made an offer, but he was out of the country and sold them to a friend locally.
  2. Please check your PM, thank you. Made an offer for your 2013 Forged Onoff irons.

  3. Hey Marmaduk, please check your buy-sell-trade listing for the 2013 Onoff forged irons. I made an offer for them with a PM to you. [email protected]
  4. Looking for a mint set of 2013 Onoff forged irons. Would prefer heads only, but with shafts is okay too. I've made an offer on a set in the buy-sell-trade forum, but the member has not responded to my PM.
  5. I sent you a PM with an offer for the 2013 Onoff Forged irons if they are still available. Thank you.
  6. I sent you a PM with an offer for the 2013 Onoff Forged irons, if they are still available for sale. Thank you!

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