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  1. Sold jbeam, thanks L! SYard bold wedges 50&56, 50 is shafted with recoil 110 proto f4 8i shaft and was my gamer for 2/3 of a season, still in great shape, grooves good. 56 has an nsp950 stiff w muzik grip and only used for a little practice, mintyish...can reshaft w recoil proto for you for &50 extra. $270 for the pair. All prices net to me & shipped conus. Will ship intl for $40 extra as long as there's tracking. Thanks for looking!
  2. Ive been ho'n up a storm and have to pay for some recoils i just ordered. Kamui Works Ray driver non-conforming. Head is in very good shape, purchased here. It is a touch on the heavy side (212 gram head) and according to my builder 1* closed 9.8* with a new Fujikura ZCOM stiff shaft, 45". This thing is a beast but just launches to low for me. 325 shipped conus same as above for int't. CALLY needs to go as it is sweet, pur├ęd with an aftermarket illima, face square, plays 45", 200 shipped conus is a steal! I guaranty my gear. if you find a significant difference to any spec or quality detail from what i describe, you can pay return shipping within 2 weeks of receipt and if club is in same condition I will refund you. no buyers remorse returns though... if you have any questions or want more pics, just pm me with your email address. trade prayer for set of recoils 3-p(110 f4) have a small hoard so if u have what I want I can add gear and cash would also be interested in cool wedge heads or forged cavity backs, more gi ish though as I've just been playing horribly... thanks for looking.
  3. I have been playing better but hitting the brown water a bit hard of late (and when I hit the brown water my pp act gets a thrashing...and eventually the anger about the mountain of gear I have and the boxes that keep arriving boils over till I have to hurt the pp even more buying stuff for my wife and funding college accts).... I have a ton of new gear coming and have been inspired by some here to not become stew w a slower SS....plus I'm in the process of starting a fifth bag mentally (and that assumes i get rid of all the extras u see here) so more of the hoard may go unless I either win the lottery or get a job paying me double what I make now.... as always trades preferred, I have a SS w driver of around 105 so anything x flex is out, am in an onoff mood of late and also want to try some jBEAM product....I like trade +or- cash b/c it affords me the opportunity of painting a rosey picture to my wife... here is some of the stuff w some pricing but I'm really to lazy to go into much detail...I get stiff shafts mostly, 1* flat and + 1/4" from titleist spec usually. if you see something that interests you, pm me w your email and what you're thinking generally and I'll send you piccys, some here may vouch for me...I'm really more of a hoarder than a seller but I have never screwed anyone... all prices shipped ups RC w attas tspx 300 naks 400 for pair, sick Rombex shafts vega wedge set 52, 57, 60 w nsp wv115 stiff 425 Adams ti 5w 170 naked lady tees 55 Cleveland cgtour red w project x flighted 55 200 nice Cleveland cg15 wedges (prob have 1 in most lofts ) 75 hogan apex edge pro w the orig apex shafts in stiff (prob wont let these go) but 500 there are some really cool old Cleveland coppers in there somewhere.... roller coaster ride, 5$
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