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  1. I have been playing better but hitting the brown water a bit hard of late (and when I hit the brown water my pp act gets a thrashing...and eventually the anger about the mountain of gear I have and the boxes that keep arriving boils over till I have to hurt the pp even more buying stuff for my wife and funding college accts).... I have a ton of new gear coming and have been inspired by some here to not become stew w a slower SS....plus I'm in the process of starting a fifth bag mentally (and that assumes i get rid of all the extras u see here) so more of the hoard may go unless I either win the lottery or get a job paying me double what I make now.... as always trades preferred, I have a SS w driver of around 105 so anything x flex is out, am in an onoff mood of late and also want to try some jBEAM product....I like trade +or- cash b/c it affords me the opportunity of painting a rosey picture to my wife... here is some of the stuff w some pricing but I'm really to lazy to go into much detail...I get stiff shafts mostly, 1* flat and + 1/4" from titleist spec usually. if you see something that interests you, pm me w your email and what you're thinking generally and I'll send you piccys, some here may vouch for me...I'm really more of a hoarder than a seller but I have never screwed anyone... all prices shipped ups RC w attas tspx 300 naks 400 for pair, sick Rombex shafts vega wedge set 52, 57, 60 w nsp wv115 stiff 425 Adams ti 5w 170 naked lady tees 55 Cleveland cgtour red w project x flighted 55 200 nice Cleveland cg15 wedges (prob have 1 in most lofts ) 75 hogan apex edge pro w the orig apex shafts in stiff (prob wont let these go) but 500 there are some really cool old Cleveland coppers in there somewhere.... roller coaster ride, 5$
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