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  1. Drivers (Epon) 1.) Epon AF 105 9.5* Driver Head Only + Head Cover PayPal Gift $300 2.) Ryoma Maxima D1 Special Tuning Hi-Cor 9.5* Driver Head Only PayPal Gift $175 3.) Ryoma Maxima D1 Special Tuning Hi-Cor 9.5* with Crazy Ly-01 Nero 7.4 45.5” PayPal Gift $300 Fairways 4.) Epon AF 205 (15*) Fairway 3-Wood Basileus Z Fwy 75S + Head Cover PayPal Gift $300; $175 Head Only No Trades at this time
  2. Hi guys, looking to unload some nice gear. Everything is in really nice condition. I take good care of my equipment. Not interested in trades, sorry. I’ve listed pricing for continental US. Feel free to message me for international and overseas inquiries. Rare Ryoma Maxima Type V in 8.5 Degree Loft. This is easily the longest driver I’ve ever hit. Absolute bullets and Super forgiving. Excellent condition. Unique feel. If you’re looking for more distance, there is none better than this. Comes with original head cover and optional heavy tungsten weight. $549.95 Free Shipping. Scotty Cameron Xperimental Prototype 1998 Longneck Newport LN Teryllium Tiger Woods Putter. Cameron Crown shaft band. Comes with head cover and divot tool. Super soft, buttery feel. 34.75 inch. Asking $549.95 Free Shipping Crazy Sigma Fairway 50 Full Length 50T Carbon 80g 2.7 Torque Super Low spin and launch. Extremely accurate shaft with a unique feel. MSRP - $400 Asking $175 $15 shipping Continental US Quadra Fire Express Prototype Hybrid Shaft 100x Full Length 50T Carbon Fiber. Best hybrid shaft I've ever used. Extremely tight dispersion, smooth and stable with a mid, penetrating ball flight. Quadra were the first brand to create the quad axis weave used in many shafts from many different brands today including Axiv, Honma and Graphite Design. 2 sections of 4 axis weave using high elastic carbon. Nano Technology that helps create a tight dispersion with low spin. They produce such high quality carbon that they actually supply carbon sheets to some of the top brands including Honma's ARMRQ which also feature the 4 axis weave in their shafts. The Quadra Fire Express Utility Shaft is quality shaft that that have become known for great performance and feel. 40 inch 105g 2.3 Torque X-flex. MSRP - $225 Asking $84.95 $15 Shipping Continental US A-Grind CMB Hybrid Driving Iron 18 Degree. Outstanding soft feel, made in Japan. Beautiful simple looks and very forgiving. This head is actually hollow which is required when producing a metal club this size and keeping it at the proper weight it's a 2 piece stainless steel SUS-431 body and head designed all around accuracy and straightness. Asking - $95 Free Shipping - Continental US Royal Collection BBD 505V 18* Really great head. Great sound and feel and great out of any lie. Definitely one of the best utilities I've ever hit. New this head went for $350 Asking - $49.95 Free Shipping - Continental US Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks guys.
  3. Preferably either V or D spec and in good condition.
  4. The New 2016 Ryoma Maxima Driver - Back in March we sat down with Mr. Tanihara President and Designer of Ryoma Golf a man who we consider a genius and separate from the traditional golf industry in Japan with a background in medical science and technology. During our meeting he pushed across the table a couple of new prototypes and asked us not to take any photos, what I had in my hands was the next generation 2016 Ryoma Maxima. This club is three years in the making as Mr. Tanihara wanted to see large tangible improvements over his competitor's performance. Everything was re-evaluated and designed completely from the ground up starting with the material and featuring new manufacturing methods. Below is the official press release translated into English: Our companies policy is to only release a new product when there is a performance difference from previous versions. The new 2016 Maxima is the first driver to be released in three years following the D-1 in 2009 and the D-1 MAXIMA in 2013. The New 2016 Maxima driver's greatest features are the world's lowest center of gravity and the high rebound initial velocity. The New "2016 Ryoma MAXIMA" is a complete revision of the original design. It further improves on the company's own patented DSI technology and has achieved the astounding feat of outperforming its famed predecessor by a distance of 10 yards on each shot. Designed using an unprecedented new forging method involving a new technique that utilizes every last gram of head weight to create the best distance driver in golf today. An "under press Cup crown" featuring a bend angle of up to 130 degrees was created, which is impossible for all other titanium alloys. The welding position has been substantially lowered, and extremely high-density 17g tungsten powder was employed in the design of the new "anti-roll power booster". A lowering of the center of gravity corresponding to a score line interval of 5mm per club was implemented while maintaining the deep face shape, which achieved a low center of gravity rate of 50%. Compared to ordinary drivers from other companies, the back spin has been reduced by 900 rpm on average. Also the average initial velocity was improved by 3.8mph as a result of the strengthening of the spring effect extending across the body. Our company has created an unrivaled high-performance club that belongs in a new category of its own. By continuing to create products that perform beyond their price, we strive to remain a producer trusted by golfers.
  5. For sale is a Ryoma Maxima Type-V 9.5* head, 198.4g. Head is in good condition with normal scratches on the sole. Face and crown has small superficial scratches. There is a small paint chip on the crown just to the right of the gold DSI plate as shown in the pics. Includes original headcover in excellent condition. Not looking for trades at this time. **SOLD**
  6. RYOMA MAXIMA Type V Driver 9.5 Degrees with FUBUKI Z 50 STIFF 9/10 CONDITION RYOMA MAXIMA TYPE V 9.5 DEGREE 45.5 INCHES LONG HEADCOVER-GOOD CONDITION FUBUKI Z 50 STIFF GRAPHITE SHAFT MV81090 SERIAL NUMBERAmazing conditions. Will consider trade for Irons. Asking for $. net to me. Will ship anywhere in CONUS.
  7. Got 2 things up for sale today.... First up is Ryoma Maxima Type V 8.5 with crazy LY 01 hot 7.4 flex Condition is easyyy 9/10 Asking $SOLD!!! Second is syard xv 3 wood with stock SR shaft Ok condition very faint dent along the crown... Very small might not be able to see it but full disclosure...Please see pictures for detail Asking $SOLD! Prices are set for fast sales! Thanks for looking ...
  8. Finally, the new products by RomaRo are beginning to roll out. I just received the new Type-R driver and have had a chance to game it a couple of rounds and get some good range time in with it, and it's a beast. Based on the way it looks I was expecting it to play very closely to the 460HX that performs admirably and much to my surprise the two clubs play very different from each other. Let's wrap up the info before we move on to my review, The Type-R is 450cc's large available in 9.5 and 10.5 lofts, it comes standard with a square face angle and 59* lie angle. Total weight with the stock shaft is 303 grams and with its 56 gram stock shaft has a D2 balance in stiff at 46 inches. It features SP-700 titanium forged cup face and a 6-4ti body making it a 2 piece structure. One of the new features on this driver is its more shallow face, the older 460HX and the 430cc 435LX had deeper faces. One could expect a higher ball flight with the new Type-R which isn't really the case as RomaRo seems to have maintained the same trajectory as the HX yet by adding real estate on the heel and toe side have made this driver considerably more forgiving. The Type-R series started off with a utility wood that came out mid 2013, it won many fans and at one point made RomaRo the number 1 component company in Japan. While they no longer carry that title they are in the top 3, and I wouldn't doubt the release of their new 2014 models will give them a big boost. RomaRo has reduced the spin rates compared to the previous models kudos to them as going shallower can sometimes increase spin. Ok, so It's beautiful to look at but how does it play? I was able to test the Type-R against a variety of other clubs such as the Ryoma Maxima ST, Modart S&D, EGG1, Air KM200, and JDM SLDR. Now keep in mind all clubs had different shafts and specs which means this review carries little weight, but it was fun, and I wish some of you guys were there to help out. The club that I wanted the Type-R to go up against was my current gamer the Ryoma Maxima ST (very non-conforming) so I decided to compare the two on the range, on the course, and in appearance. I think a better visual comparison would be the Maxima Type-V because it has that all black finish, this is getting confusing Ryoma, RomaRo, Type R, Type D... Anyway while it's black like darth vadars helmet the face was kept free of the Ip finish I think that's a smart move on RomaRo's part because when black IP is applied to the face it seems to feel a little firmer at impact in my opinion. I don't have the measurements of the Type-R's face depth but the difference is quite substantial. One would assume the deeper face plays a more stable and penetrating ball flight but not in this case and for some the Maxima is hard to tame and or high launching this could be due to its hosel depth not being very deep or as deep as the D1 which means the shaft tip will play more active in this head. If you ever find yourself in this situation with the Maxima, I suggest you try a heavier, more tip stiff, longer length shaft. On the other hand, I have seen Tatsuro hit the Maxima in any flex dead straight and long for days, I've had my longest drives with the ST and it's a raging bomber. The better distance driver was the nonconforming Maxima because for the most part head to head on the same par 4 the Maxima ate the RomaRo's lunch by about 10yds or so. I didn't have a conforming version so again take this all with a grain of salt, not to mention while both are stock stiff flex shafts they still differ in specs, but yes the Maxima ST and I stress "nonconforming" was about 10yds longer on that day. The more forgiving club was the RomaRo Type-R, which I could hit much straighter, and bad shots really didn't seem as punishing in direction as the Maxima. In fact on this day this driver was the most forgiving for myself and others, whereas with the maxima you need to catch it square squared to reap its benefits. On some days, I can't hit the Maxima at all but the Type-R is so easy to square the face up at impact, I can't imagine how good it would be with a shaft like the TRPX Air. In the image above the RomaRo Type-R is on the left while the Maxima on the right, first big difference is the finish, the Maxima has a metallic effect that looks luxurious while the RomaRo is your basic black metallic. Keep in mind anytime photos are taken of top lines side by side the right always tends to look better and more straight but I think this picture shows the two perfectly. On the right the maxima is a hair closed while on the left the RomaRo is square, it's actually more square than the pic shows but it's handicapped visually by being on the left side. Feel all day goes the the RomaRo, see where I'm going with this? The Maxima ST may be longer, but this RomaRo feels so good and is so playable it truly is the Type-R Hybrid but driver version. It feels better than both of it's predecessors and the Maxima, and I will be gaming this now... but before it captains the bag it must first make it through the others... Bring on the MA01S and MA01D!
  9. So I just saw that Ryoma is finally making a left handed driver. I don't know much about it since they have never made left handed drivers. I have a Crazy 435 and like it for all the obvious reasons, but would love to find a driver with better forgiveness, sound and feel. I know I will be giving up distance on well struck shots, but, I am ok with that. My questions: How is overall performance? How does it perform on off center strikes? How is the feel? How is the distance? How is the sound? Thanks for your help!
  10. I'm looking for Ryoma Maxima Type V 9.5 Head Thanks
  11. I’ve had the Ryoma Maxima Type D 10.5 for a while now and have since put several shafts in it. But before I share experiences about the shaft, a bit about my swing and my views on the Maxima.. I’ve got a very imperfect swing that’s past parallel (think John Daly .. not size but swing) but a swing that’s rather consistently imperfect. Swing speed measured several months back on a PRGR red eye is 91 to 95 mph with more swings being closer to 95 so I average that out at 93mph. Misses are typically high push fades. Average driving distance is 220-225 meters or approx.. 241-246 yards. Driving is the weakest part of my game. Currently playing off an inconsistent 8.2. The Maxima head relative to the original D1 I feel gives better carry and better roll and for me, a longer head overall as well as should be the case if I feel carry and roll are better. Forgiveness wise, I find this head up there. Anywhere off center, you still get relatively little distance loss. For off center hits, its best (if there is a best for off hits) toe high I feel. It dislikes heel misses the most. For dispersion, that is very much up to the shaft as well so I’ll comment on that later. Trajectory wise, for me, loft for loft, it launches a tad higher than the D1 but not super high like one or 2 have found. My thought for a slower swing speed like mine is that I need a generally higher as opposed to a generally lower trajectory which will give better carry and better distance for the slower swing speed. The subjective part…Feel is a tad less solid than the D1 and sound at impact less muted. Not tinggy by any means but just not as muted as the D1. It’s a tad more triangular in shape and while some have found it less eye appealing, I’m ok with it. The paintwork has a nice fume effect in the sun. Head is about 3mm shallower than the D1 and a tad longer from face to back. Mine weighs in at 196 grams and is slightly closed face as what the Type D is supposed to be. The first shaft I put in was the Roddio M:6 SR flex. This is a very smooth feeling shaft and I would say up there with giving me some of the longest drives with the Maxima. Now although long, it was not the tightest in the Maxima for me but it did enough to show me the potential of the Maxima. I am ruthless about heads and feel that I can assess the potential for me swing early enough. While the Kamui TP07S, S-Yard 388 and Epon 102 and 103 were in and out before a speck of dust could even settle, the Maxima for me immediately showed its potential with 435 matching distance and roll. But again, the M:6 while long, was not the tightest. I am looking for the Maxima to bridge the distance gap between the D1 and 435 with the fairway finding confidence of the D1. Next up was the Crazy CB46 6.4 which I tipped half an inch. Found that I could not launch this high enough consistently and get enough spin consistently. It did indeed help to bring down trajectory. I then tried a Crazy LY02 6.7 in her. Lower trajectory than the M:6 and higher than the CB46 for me. Dispersion, it improved over the M:6. It was however stiffer than I prefer. I was on the lookout for a LY02 6.4 flex. Then I stumbled on the WBQ55 SR flex. This is not a low low shaft contrary to what some may think. It’s a mid kick shaft and I think or feels to me, a tip stiffer shaft than the TJ46 which I game in my 435 and D1. Not as tip stiff as my CB46 but I did tip the CB46 half an inch. I need to indirectly thank Chiromikey who although swings much faster than I do from what I gather here and has a stronger game than I do, it was Chiro’s postings on WBQ that got me looking at it. The Quadra Composite Fire Express WBQ 55 is a great feeling shaft.. I would perhaps say the best feeling shaft for me so far. Provides great feedback and you can feel it load so to speak. Its got a quirky color scheme of white, yellow/gold and a brown/black carbon effect at the lower end which goes well with the fume finish of the Maxima I feel. I have it playing at 45 3/8 finished length grip on and SW of close to D2. So how does it play… I think by now, you know I like this shaft and that it is working for me in the Maxima. Great carry for me and its got roll as much as the 435 and several times more. I’ve had 2 range sessions with it and 45 holes so far. I can safely say, it matches my 435 distance wise on average but where the Maxima WBQ 55 is better for me is on long drives in the fairway. Does it find close to 90% fairways like my D1 can? Well, as I get more used to it, I think it can and if it can do so with longer drives, then objectives met with the Maxima. So far, my longer drives measured with a Leupold GX1 rangefinder with the Maxima are 256 meters, 241 meters and 239 meters or 280 yards, 263 yards, 261 yards. Now again, this is short compared to quite a few on this board but for me with my 93 mph swing speed and average distance of 220-225 meters or 241 to 246 yards, this is massive for me. Trajectory to my definition is mid high. I would say with this shaft, it launches similar to the D1 with TJ 46 bearing in mind that the TJ 46 is a low-mid kick and the WBQ55 is a mid kick. So a happy camper I am… by shaft changes, the Maxima is probably the most expensive driver for me but from first hit, I felt it had potential and worth the trials and tribulations. It seems to be paying dividends now and long may it do so. From my experiences with the Maxima, I would recommend that for anyone interested in it, bear in mind that loft for loft, it is likely to launch higher (not ballooning high) than your existing driver and going down 1 degree may be advisable especially if you are planning a low or low mid kick active tip shaft. If you are staying in the same loft, I would suggest a mid kick (and not higher launching) and a tip stiffer shaft is probably a good calculated bet. Just like any driver, the Maxima is not for everyone but if the head profile suits your swing and you get the shaft loft combo right enough, I think you will find a very forgiving and long driver.
  12. RLL33

    T.388 rolls on

    I'm happy for all who have (or will have) found happiness with the new Maxima driver, but my quiet S-Yard smiles continue to spread at my club. Yesterday on 17, which is slightly uphill and has an undulating fairway with a ravine and a giant oak that sits at the end between fairway and green, I hit a pipeline drive 290 yards that sat dead center at the end of the fairway and left me a pitching wedge to the green. I should say, I don't hit 290-yd drives. My average is about 250-260. And when I turned back to the rest of my foursome on the tee -- and also to our club pro who happened to be there because he was giving another member a lesson -- the expression on their silent faces was something that will last as imagery for me a long, long time -- as was the pro's question -- "what's the name of that driver...?" Just sayin'... ;=]
  13. We may as well start the thread now since someone will start it sooner or later. As Chris mentioned in our video, we finally saw the new Ryoma D-1 Maxima at the Golf Fair and of all places it was in the Graphite Design booth (GD is a partner of Ryoma's and helps produce their shafts). We do not have full details yet, on the drivers, as a matter of a fact Ryoma had preferred people not talk about it since they had some issues with design leaks/theft leading to copies even before launch. We have held back but since it made a public appearance already there is no sense really in hiding it. We have to assume it will eventually come out. It features a shallower back head, and a shallower face. The head shape is not as round at address, its almost subtly triangular. It still uses DSI technology and and still has a big weight in the back. Stew gave his thumbs up and we are all excited to try it out!