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  1. It's kind of a bummer that the 2020 Japan Golf Fair got cancelled, but at least it is still being held virtually so we get to see the newest products and hear a little from the brands. I am very much liking some of these new products that I'm seeing in the blog posts and pro shop. One new brand that I'm particularly fascinated with is Takumi Japan. This is the company of Kyoei Golf president Keisuke Sakamoto. Due to its connection with Kyoei, Takumi Japan has a reputation for know-how in product development cultivated through their vast experience in OEM manufacturing. Apparently, among the normal soft carbon steel material “S25C”, only carefully selected material with a carbon content of 0.24 to 0.26% is used. So, by handpicking a material with consistent carbon content, the spread of iron in the Takumi single-piece forging process is stable, and there is very little variation in weight. The brand’s designs are based on what Japanese golfers like so the offset, shape and specs are somewhat unique in this regard. Also, it was said that this brand has a 3 year warranty! Which is obviously awesome! There's two types of irons and wedges that we've seen so far: Type-N and Type-S. The Type-N iron (right) is a soft forged players cavity back. The back face is CNC milled and polished with very smooth and unique details that give the impression of flow. This is one of the few iron models of this type on the market today that is made with strong lofts and a lot of offset. The Type-N wedge is very unique; it should flow with the Type-N iron as it shares the same series name, but its shape and size say otherwise. TSG would recommend a different wedge unless you welcome more offset and larger size in your wedges. The Type-S wedge would blend best with the Type-N iron. The Type-N wedge features an oversized head that caters to the average player. Due to it’s increased head size and shape, this wedge wobbles less at impact improving straightness and accuracy. In addition, by making the neck shape what we consider very much a gooseneck, it is easier to pick the ball up from the turf. Since the leading edge has been blunted down more than a typical tour model wedge, it makes it harder to chunk your small chip shots around the greens as well. The Type-S iron is an orthodox two-stage cavity back. The center of gravity is designed to be in the optimum position by making the back of the ball striking area thick. It produces a strong ball flight and soft feel. In addition, the leading and trailing edges are given relief and the toe and heel sides are slightly ground. The head is slightly small but the blade is slightly thick, so it plays like a bigger head and can be used by a wide range of skill levels. The Type-S wedge is a more compact players style wedge. It has a CNC milled face and grooves, this creates sharper scorelines for better spin performance by approx 20%. It has a teardrop shape, less offset, and a grind for those who desire to manipulate the face for the flop or more creative shots. The entire head has a beautiful bead blast finish that is matte and reduces glare, overall I think these wedges are very visually appealing. I am excited to see what else this brand is going to bring to market. Tell us what you think!
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