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  1. The "feel" of an IRON at impact. there is so much dialogue on this but what does it all actually mean ? sound plays as much a part as feel in drivers with graphite shafts for sure but what do steel irons shafts and heads actually do to feel ? heres MY PERSONAL take on what ive hit and their feel. I used NS pro shafts pretty much exclusively these days, ive got a set of shimadas which are just pefect on windy tracks, same as DG monaccos but the other 30 odd sets all have NS shafts. , for some reason I just love the way they enhance the heads feel and the flight differnces I cant get. nothing does it better than NS IMO. so what is frozen butter? what is guuush like a marshmallows liquid filled centre ? and what is an old fashioned elbow buster? playing the same shaft in several heads u get a pretty good understanding of the actual heads feel I think . I can break it down to a cpl of differnces that are pretty tough to split soft as a babies bum: epon/mizuno/onoff/yururi frozen butter: Yamaha/tourstage/callaway forged player esque: honma/miura/masda/kyoei thoughts players?