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Honma Tour world 717 WITB

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All completed - Driver Honma TW 717 455 9.5 vizard tz65 S 44"
-3W Honma TW717 15 vizard tz75 S 42"
-2H Honma TW717 UT 16 MRC OT 95x
-3H Honma TW717 UT 19 MRC OT 105 x
-4i Honma TW717P modus3 120 S
-5-P Honma TW717V modus3 120 S
-52-56-60 Honma TW-W DG S-200
-Scotty Cameron golo S CS 33" winn pro x 1.60"
-Busnell Tour-X rangefinder
-Titleist pro v1x
-Sun mountain C130 cart bag

All iron & wedge bent flat 3degree with Golfpride mcc+4 midsize grips, 3/8 length increments, -0.5"

Now i need to dial in my swing

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.49.08 PM.png

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