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Crazy CBi-01 Evolution Iron Shaft 5-Pw

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Selling used Crazy CBI-01 irons shaft 5-Pw (6pcs)

Flex S 

Cut and play standard length 

One time pull out from my Epon iron

$600 $450 shipped 


Spec as follow

CBI-01 & CBI-02 Evolution

The CBI Evolution is a premium high modulus 50t carbon shaft made for premium performance and control.

The CBI Evo is available in a 90g model called the CBI-01 and a 100g model called the CBI-02.

Both models provide premium feel and distance with the dispersion and control of much heavier steel.

As an example of the CBI’s stiffness profile, the CBI-01 Evo 96g Stiff shaft comes out with higher CPM than a DG S200 steel shaft. However it feels considerably more responsive and has superior distance.

Both models are mid kick and available standard as 5-PW with additional shafts available.

Flexes are as follows:
R Flex: 90-100mph
S Flex: 100-110mph
X Flex: 110-120mph



Crazy Shaft.jpg

Crazy Shaft 4.jpg

Crazy Shaft 3.jpg

Crazy Shaft 2.jpg

Crazy Shaft 1.jpg





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Price reduced 

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Price reduce to $450 shipped


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