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For Sale: Crazy Toyoshima wedge set of 3 (Sold)

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For sale is a set of Crazy Toyoshima wedges of three.  Made by grind-master Toyoshima san.  I have a cap autographed by Toyoshima san himself when I visited their studio in Tokyo and will include it as a gift to the buyer.

When new each wedge was $500. http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-report-new-stuff-and-h-toyoshima-grind-limited-wedge-sets/

The three wedges are at 50 degree, 55 degree and 60 degree which I had professionally bent. The original specs:
52 degree, 6 bounce
56 degree, 8 bounce
58 degree, 12 bounce

With Shimada K’s wedge shaft. Golf pride Z grip that’s 95% new.  

I don't know how to price it because they were so expensive when new.  I am keen to see them actively enjoyed by the new owner rather than sit around.  My asking price is $Sold for the set of 3- I hope you find attractive.  I will pay for shipping.  Thanks everyone.





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Sold.  Thanks everyone for the interest.

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