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  1. I'm looking really hard at the Miura CB 2006, but I couldn't find any reviews via the search. I've already heard about hosel size, but my I've seen the same thing with other Miura clubs my club builder has put together. Does anyone have any playing reviews on these?
  2. Thanks the pictures are great.
  3. Thanks, I'm looking at the Anser No.2 Fe with a simple set up. Just a partial G sole, sight line and just some basic carved text and wanted to figure out what head weight to start with to have a 355ish finished head weight.
  4. Thx Gocchin, could you also ask how much weight loss is there with the large partial G sole? Or does Gold's Factory choose a head that will finish at the weight you pick after they go through all your milling options?
  5. Can someone post up images of the Gold's Factory face milling options on the Anser No.2 Fe; Standard, Fine and Deep. Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm willing to part out if someone is interested in the head or shaft alone.
  7. HEAD Sold G Field 3/20deg loft GFT Utility/Hybrid This was my gamer for the past season, there is standard wear on the sole and face. There also is a scuff on the top towards the toe which has been touched up. Shaft is a Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara t415-ct stiff flex shaft (83 Grams Raw). Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip, logo down. Includes the stock White & Black G Field headcover that has never seen the course. Located in Socal Email: andyc@archangeldesigns.com I have all positive feedback on another Golf forum that I can provide a link too
  8. For the past 2 rounds I've gamed my friend's GF (#2) with the heavy nippon shaft. The combo has really good balance and puts a nice roll on the ball. Also it made me realize how handsy I was getting with my long putts. I've never tried a GF putter with a normal shaft, so I don't know if this is because of the shaft or the head, but the ball feels a little harsh/dead coming off the head. I normally game a US Gauge Design GAA3 (W/aluminiser) and a UST Filtered Frequency shaft. Which has a nice feel to it for me. I might try a Nippon shaft in this club next.
  9. Does anyone know if the Como!Come! mallet headcovers will fit the Cameron X5? or are they do big. TIA
  10. I'm looking for a Callaway Hyper ERC Driver. Preferably in a 9.5 loft, I will consider a 10.5. Shaft isn't very important, b/c I will most likely re-shaft. If you have to have one with a Rombax 6X07 stiff or a X-Con 5/6 that would be a bonus. Thx, @
  11. G Field GFT - UT, love this club. I hit 2 greens the other day from outside of 200 yards. One pin high to a back hole location inside of 5'. One of the best birdies I've made. Shaft it with Mitsubishi Bassara and it's good to go. Nice boring ball flight, solid sounding. No ballooning, issues like I had with my Callaway X.
  12. Thx u for doing the translation!
  13. Here is the Japanese Brochure, can someone do a translation.
  14. Would Mizuno be able to put the Run Bird Logo in place of the "M" Logo? Sorry for the ghetto Photo Shop
  15. Thanks for the replies. Here is something I found Tour Spec Girl post on another site: