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  1. Miura does not Forge their own heads or finish their own heads. I've been saying this for a decade. TADA mfg does their forging and Kyoshin does their finishing. They are 2 piece spin welded heads. The reason is not tolerance but it is price. making a 2-D mold ( spin welded ) is far cheaper than a 3-D mold. They are not the only ones who do this. Shin-Nihon also does spin welded. I've been to Tada mfg and they have told me in person they forge for Miura. I also have their business registration for their foundry that shows Miura does not own it although they have said so in the past.
  2. Awesome blades and cult driver. If you ever need a refinish let me know.
  3. PINGs are easy to love thats why 🙂
  4. Feel depends on so much, shaft grip, ball, temps. Club design, bounce and loft too.
  5. hi blake! cb is on the demanding side, has a hint of offset. fit and finish (polishing) on these is a hair better than Miura and Epon. Oichi forgings sent to Shinagawas son for the grind. Kyoshin finished (same as miura ) but extra step of niigata polishing. You can get custom finishes, combo set too! we know them well.
  6. There is confusion about where the latest models are made. I'm not 100% myself. I think the 1 piece models are still made in Japan or at least partly made in Japan. But if this was the case they could still keep custom grinds and stamping alive. So maybe it was just a pain in the ass to keep this custom dept open with such little sales. Mizuno has changed their distribution model a lot recently, focusing on Mizuno Pro dealers and big box stores. We can't get the pro series. As skyline has said all the new Mizuno Pro models are part of Yoro but not offering grinds a
  7. Yoro now means custom shafts and build specs, and in some models custom finish. Before when Yoro was only made of the hand made models it was for custom finish, stamp, and grinds. Majority of Mizuno irons are made in China now. No they are done. not sold anymore.
  8. I don't want people to mix up Iron content with carbon content. 1025 Steel has Iron content of 99.03-99.48% FE is within the same range of Iron content but has a lower carbon content. FE steel's main selling point is not for the consumer. It's for the factory or foundry. Lower carbon = softer metal = the ability to use a small 800ton press to forge it. S-15C steel with low heat treatment is useless in golf. S15C with high heat treatment is the same as S-25C with lower heat treatment with a higher pressure machine. The most stable material is JIS S25C. Tak
  9. Crack! It has a strong possibility it will. Daiwa just created an all new material in their GIII series. Its high COR and doesn't CRACK! They call it neo titan and it's propritary. At PGA show demo day guys that swing 115mph were cranking it over 360 yards with no dents or. cracks.
  10. Mizuno just ended the MP-5, 55, 66. The last 3 models Mizuno made by hand in Japan. No more Yoro custom stamping and grinds 😞
  11. I think VG3 is done. It was always a test of early titleist tech. think T-MB and how it came out years before in Japan. Then the VG3 Type-D is the predecessor to the T100/400 stuff they got going on.
  12. By design I can make an S25C iron feel just as soft as an FE99 iron. Or an FE99 iron feel as hard as I want. S25C is perfect to me. S20C is no difference S15C or SS400 you start to feel the material getting softer but then need to check lofts/lie's more frequently.
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