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  1. these are awesome! loved my set!
  2. yes thats correct
  3. 65 stiff any variants.
  4. For a driving iron or hybrid. Thanks. Carlo
  5. what do you mean that 1" of the original shaft is epoxied on the UT100 quadra? meaning it the butt or 1" was completely cut off but epoxied back to the butt?
  6. Epon sold. Grandista head left
  7. crazy shaft trade for any 65s shaft diamana x, fire express, etc etc
  9. selling a bunch of stuff, 1.) EPON 105 W PLASTIC. originally shafted with DOA shaft but i pulled the shaft and installed a crazy CB 50 7.7. the plastic has melted near the hosel but overall new w plastic. specs are 10.25* .5 open Sold no trades but willing to consider high end irons w carbon. 2.) Grandista 9.5* head. still shafted with fuji EVO but will pull and sell head only. its in good condition no skymarks. cover is pristine. 280$net to me shipped. trades for this head are high end carbon shafts in stiff. let me know.
  10. love the wedges! good match with the mci black!
  11. Don't forget the TRPX UT shafts the 7 and 8 3 star are amazing and the 7 is one of my all time favorite shafts. Love them!
  12. Original crazy 435 so low spin that guys who normally go 9* choose a 10.5-11 in this one.
  13. i have a fuji evo2 FW 70S attached to a 4w head. perfectly built can let go for 150$ shipped
  14. damn!! what a waste but to the stronger hitter this is no problem, hmmm i think i know where you got this from bro:)
  15. I have a 70s incoming that has been tipped .5". We can exchange notes then.