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  1. no 4 iron in 703
  2. This sfd is awesome. I have bagged the 18/24 very nice
  3. anyone has one from their hybrids or possibly a longer iron shaft in stiff? thanks
  4. going to be testing the V 9.5 and V 10.5 in stock 65 stiff in a couple of weeks. i too so want this to work. the old maxima was a disaster for me. utter disaster moon balls galore!
  5. That's a legend indeed! Good nick too!
  6. THIS is an awesome price! GLWS
  7. wow love these shafts wish they were a class bracket lower! GLWS
  8. need one for my ping g400
  9. just checked now it sets up square to a tad open. definitely not closed.
  10. funny the club is now with me, ended up with a chap in manila and got it from him over the weekend. I've hit it in the range. its stupid easy!