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  1. https://www.mca-golf.com/products/av-white-am2-irons
  2. tensei ck pro white iron shafts. ive tried all the exotic and jdm shafts these have been my gamers for over 1 year shafted in Epon-506 irons.
  3. Spoon


    Been my gamer since last year. Love them.
  4. i dont even know who the mods anymore in this forum but if any of you are reading this feel free to move this to a more appropriate section (WTB). Thanks
  5. i thought it appropriate to post it here as this scammer is replying to our want to buy ads and has also posted For sale ads. This would be easily read by members who may inadvertently fall for his posts.
  6. Yeah man scammer indeed! chaps do your due diligence and when in doubt ask the mods or other members.
  7. Guy responds to most of the wtb ads and emails generic pics of japan products. I’ve asked for screenshots with his name and tags then says sorry items been sold. He has most of my WTB items but can’t post pics as items already boxed and ready to ship. Lol. careful chaps
  8. i have these in a wedge, the finish is very different. Gost seems to be a satin velvet finish (polymer) vs black clear coat finish.
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