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  1. Looking for another one. Thanks. 🙏
  2. had to donate my clubs to someone who doesnt play golf. thats surely a sign!
  3. Donated to a non golfer.
  4. Just checked it looks square to me at address but thats subjective. i guess .5 closed at most
  5. Price drop 230 for Both items
  7. 175$ net for the KASCO HERE YA GO
  8. bump or both for 350$
  9. 200$ net shipped for the kasco
  10. 12.8 many threads. Hardcore jdm at its finest. http://forum.tourspecgolf.com/topic/30820-kasco-fairway-driver/
  11. Unfortunately you and I are the only ones that have owned and hit this.
  12. awesome limited editions! good luck with the sale
  13. What a beast of a shaft!
  14. That is correct the blue is limited edition i commented as your 705s look like the undercut graphics are color black. Are they black? If so they are not limited edition.