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  1. SCammer alert. Don’t deal with this guy. He tried to sell me a generic shaft lifted from google images. only wanted bitcoin or PayPal gift. I’ve been in this game too long lol. Even photoshopped his tag. Got suspicious so I googled the shaft and lo and behold found it on google images.
  2. Pls put your name and date and TSG tags as per rules thanks.
  3. They will fit the tips are .355 or a shade above and can be sanded to fit into the callaway adapters.
  4. I have been gaming diamana x 17 60s since they came out. Tried the ventus black TR6s for the hype. Biggest mistake I hated it. couldn’t turn it over wasn’t so much the flex but couldn’t get the timing of the kick. Maybe I should have gone blue but I’m done w Fujikura. Why did I even doubt diamana. the diamana x is so much user friendly and automatic. I would have had to change my swing and tempo to make the ventus black work. my next shaft will most likely be the Tensei 1k ck pro white. I’m gaming Tensei in 3/5/23 driving iron and full iron set. Diamana man I am
  5. Have the 60ss already. Need 70s for FWooods. Thanks
  6. https://www.mca-golf.com/products/av-white-am2-irons
  7. tensei ck pro white iron shafts. ive tried all the exotic and jdm shafts these have been my gamers for over 1 year shafted in Epon-506 irons.
  8. Spoon


    Been my gamer since last year. Love them.
  9. i dont even know who the mods anymore in this forum but if any of you are reading this feel free to move this to a more appropriate section (WTB). Thanks
  10. i thought it appropriate to post it here as this scammer is replying to our want to buy ads and has also posted For sale ads. This would be easily read by members who may inadvertently fall for his posts.
  11. Yeah man scammer indeed! chaps do your due diligence and when in doubt ask the mods or other members.
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