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  1. I have a mint Jbeam Bullet for sale. 10.5 loft, square face angle, 198g head weight. Fuji atmos red 5 stiff(the real one not made for). 45”. With headcover. Also have an extra 12g weight with it. I removed the ugly yellow paint on the bottom. This club is a bomber. Sold
  2. I'm putting my P3 heads only up for sale. 4-PW. 8/10 cond. Come with the carbon Epon headcovers. Titleist std lie angle $1150 net shipped Conus
  3. Hey guys, A few things for sale here. Callaway Epic Pro heads. One up(titleist std lie) 4-pw. I only used these for 36 holes. They are in excellent condition. Really good sticks. I could play these or my PXG 0311t but am sticking with PXG. $1000 for heads only $1200 with Modus 120's PXG 0311x 4 driving iron. Mint hit one ball inside off tee can't tell from new Comes with pxg ferrule $315 Callaway Steelhead 4+ wood with kai li 60r shaft. New decade black black grip. Mint shape. Hit 6 balls with it. $180 Also
  4. A few things for sale today All prices net 1- Trpx Touale (limited pink very rare) X flex. Has TM M1 tour issue tip. X flex260cpm. Plays like true Stiff to me. Plays 45" in m1. Was a new install. Also have an M2 9.5 head to go with this if someone would like. Sold 2- Trpx El dorado. Has epic tip. Was a new install Plays 45" in epic SR flex 260cpm This also plays like a true stiff to me ( I know the Touale is x and this is sr but they are both 260cpm and both feel the same flex wise $275 now $240 These were my two favorite sha
  5. Hey guys need a new shaft for my 0811x coming. Any 15 or 16 aaa is stiff or trpx touale in sx or x? Lmk thanks
  6. That is my putter and I think I am going to keep it. I am going to send to Gold's for a modification. It is a totally legit Golds putter. Im not sure why the numbers are mixed up on the site. It looks like Golds has a new website. But I have the COA, original Golds box and head cover. Also never seen a Gold's fake. This also doesn't belong in the BST so to the OP(freddy camacho) please move it to another section or close the thread. Thanks
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