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  1. I have a mint Jbeam Bullet for sale. 10.5 loft, square face angle, 198g head weight. Fuji atmos red 5 stiff(the real one not made for). 45”. With headcover. Also have an extra 12g weight with it. I removed the ugly yellow paint on the bottom. This club is a bomber. Sold
  2. I'm putting my P3 heads only up for sale. 4-PW. 8/10 cond. Come with the carbon Epon headcovers. Titleist std lie angle $1150 net shipped Conus
  3. Hey guys, A few things for sale here. Callaway Epic Pro heads. One up(titleist std lie) 4-pw. I only used these for 36 holes. They are in excellent condition. Really good sticks. I could play these or my PXG 0311t but am sticking with PXG. $1000 for heads only $1200 with Modus 120's PXG 0311x 4 driving iron. Mint hit one ball inside off tee can't tell from new Comes with pxg ferrule $315 Callaway Steelhead 4+ wood with kai li 60r shaft. New decade black black grip. Mint shape. Hit 6 balls with it. $180 Also have the same as above new in wrapper in 3wd $195 for this *will have pics of steelhead up shortly Prices net shipped conus
  4. Ryomas added and prices updates. Bottom line pricing now.
  5. A few things for sale today All prices net 1- Trpx Touale (limited pink very rare) X flex. Has TM M1 tour issue tip. X flex260cpm. Plays like true Stiff to me. Plays 45" in m1. Was a new install. Also have an M2 9.5 head to go with this if someone would like. Sold 2- Trpx El dorado. Has epic tip. Was a new install Plays 45" in epic SR flex 260cpm This also plays like a true stiff to me ( I know the Touale is x and this is sr but they are both 260cpm and both feel the same flex wise $275 now $240 These were my two favorite shafts but am gaming a 15 aaa and it's firm in the bag Proceed TI UT 15 Has Trpx ut8 two star flex Excellent condition barely used Was a new build $350 now $275 Yonex TC MB 4-pw heads only Nice shape normal chatter Sold Ryoma UT's 18 & 21 Barely used Only for two rounds Tour ad r flex shaft Head covers included Sold Everything net shipped Conus
  6. Hey guys need a new shaft for my 0811x coming. Any 15 or 16 aaa is stiff or trpx touale in sx or x? Lmk thanks
  7. jbird902

    need help with legitimacy of GF putter

    That is my putter and I think I am going to keep it. I am going to send to Gold's for a modification. It is a totally legit Golds putter. Im not sure why the numbers are mixed up on the site. It looks like Golds has a new website. But I have the COA, original Golds box and head cover. Also never seen a Gold's fake. This also doesn't belong in the BST so to the OP(freddy camacho) please move it to another section or close the thread. Thanks