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    S-Yard T388 w/ UST Attas 3 Stiff Shaft, JBeam 3 Wood w/ TRPX Shaft, Bobby Jones 18* and 25* Hybrids with Tour AD- GT shafts, Epon Af 503 irons (5-GW) w/Recoil 110 F4 Shafts, Miura 55* K Grind wedge and a PM Grind 60* Lob Wedge and a Bobby Grace "Let's Face It" Putter

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  1. In EXCELLENT condition- Epon 505 irons w/ Recoil Prototype F4 (stiff) 110 shafts 5-Pw with Boyd, Blade an Ferrule special ferrules No bag wear- covers were used on these soft forged heads 1* flat, 1* Strong + Std Length With Iomic Grips $1099 shipped in the US Miura 56* + 60* K Grind wedges These come with "Pured" Aerotech Steelfiber i125cwConstant Weight 125 gram stiff shafts These are in good condtion sold Epon 56* forged Tour Wedge This comes with a Pderson Kinetix IMRT Kg110 stiff Wedge Shaft Also in good shape $125 shipped in the US
  2. Just a classic BOMBER I believe it is a 10.5* driver The shaft is a soft X-Flex and it is a very solid club with a great upgraded shaft! Just $275 shipped
  3. Now for a great set of JDM Super Game Improvement irons These are Katana TM-740 Senior flex irons This is an 8 piece set 5-SW and have graphite shafts These are perfect as a nice ladies set or for anyone swinging senior flex shafts Great Price for any set of clubs ONLY $349!!! SOLD
  4. I'm looking for a JBeam ZY-11 driver with an XS or SX shaft- 9.5* or 10* thanks, Hunt
  5. hibcam


    This is killing me! I bought these a month and a half ago but these look perfect! I would have saved a couple hundred $!!! Almost want a backup, these are really great irons and I have had 6 different Epon models.
  6. Here is a REALLY amazing set of Epon Personal 3's. This came from another great member here and I only played them for about a month or two I put in a set of Paderson Kinetix IMRT KG110-IR30's, 110 gr. STIFF shafts They have Iomic grips and are in an easy 8-10 condtion They are a full set of clubs 4-PW with the 4 iron head being unshafted and in EXCELLENT condition This is an amazing feeling set of irons that I wish I could keep! Just $1099 shipped in the US, International shipping will be split Just $899 Shipped in the US!!
  7. I have a GREAT 3 wood for sale! This is a titanium head, Tourstage X-FW 14* 3 wood This is the Type-T version for Titianium This comes with a Speeder Evolution IV 70 gr Stiff Shaft, the newest Evolution Shaft This also comes with the headcover The shaft alone cost me $225 a couple of months ago This is legendary for its length and it will not disappoint!! Steal this bomber from me for the shaft alone for just $210!!! The Kasco Dolphin 56* Sand wedge is as unique as it is AMAZING! This is the DW-116 Forged wedge head This has a very unique and versatile grind This sells new for over $225 This is for the HEAD ONLY and it is just $99!!!
  8. I found these at a shop. I did a little research and found out that they were custom CB-1005's. There are in great shape, I'm open for trades
  9. This is a full set of Custom CB-1005 Miura's- Custom Grind and Custom Stamp This has 9 irons 3-GW DG R300 Regular flex shafts and original Soft Full Cord grips Very Unique and VERY SOFT heads $899 Shipped in the US- $90 a club! SOLD
  10. I just saw these for sale but they do not have any markings or model number does anyone know what they are and what they are worth?
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