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  1. if im not mistaken you have nspro modus3 10th anniversary shafts. are you gaming them right now?
  2. hi taki, whats your take on the offer?
  3. Used 5i-PW Miura Giken CB-1008 Custom paintfill on MG logo and irons numbering Black KBS Custom Tour Series shafts (reshaft January 2020) Golf Pride VDR grip (regrip on the first week on the 1 March 2021) Price from USD999 to USD666 Ship worldwide via FedEx International Priority service (buyer to pay shipping cost)
  4. Looking for MIURA GIKEN COMBO: MB-5005 (8i-PW) & CB-2008/1008 (5i-7i), MINT CONDITION. Appreciate if anyone has a set they are looking to part with. Thanks!
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