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    On vacation at the beach plus this. thank you for the advance birthday gift. I'll send an email when I get home.
  2. Crazy Type A. trying to transition to lighter iron shafts, might as well do it in my driver. I have been pretty safe in JDM shafts, basically GD for the past 4-5 years. It might be time to try something less JDM mainstream. maybe something crazy?
  3. Honma's New Limited Edition Tanihara MB TW-BM

    Do I win a set for guessing correctly?
  4. Did you Know? (Wedge Lofts)

    Conditions we play and what pros play are so different. Their greens are much firmer and faster, I would guess that is why they need the extra 2 degrees that we wouldn't in our conditions. I have both 58/60 in the same model Callaway wedge. I use the 60 because my primary home course has small hard greens and I use is only 40yards in. I switch to the 58 in my other home course where it is shorter/wider and I have a lot of 75-80 yard shots on 4-5 short par 4s.
  5. MCI Black

    Has the MCI always been an MOI/swingweight concept or is it just the black?
  6. Only a few pictures. It was raining and cold. We ended up playing only 9 holes.
  7. It was raining and foggy but when clear this is the supposed view.
  8. I didn't see that. Probably because I went twice during breakfast time. Next year on the way to Hokkaido.
  9. My daughter and I have a tradition of eating in McD's in every foreign country because each one has something different; bulgogi burger, arabia wrap, etc.. There was nothing different I saw on the Japan menu. Even our "normal" bento box lunches were good. Golf pictures in the next few days.
  10. Fantastic Chinese food in Japan. The shrimps were brought in live and were drowned in wine before cooking.
  11. Kaiseki at the Intercontinental Yes, that's gold.
  12. Forgot the name. 10minute walk from my hotel (Yokohama Garden). The Tempura is cooked right in front of you.