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  1. Good points. It seems like the 2 piece models seem to be touted as being more forgiving and generally seem to have a lower center of gravity which seems like it would lead to higher flight which I desperately need.. If I went with a one piece does anyone have experience with the PRGR Id nabla tour. It looks like the CG may be a little lower on those. EGG is way too clunky looking and too large of a sole.
  2. I am considering PRGR id forged, prgr rs titan, or epon af503. Have the Epon and think it's a tad more offset than I like. Almost have ruled out Seven mcb because I struggle to get the ball up and don't want to jack up traditional lofts to get distance. I probably need a two piece head with lower CG and hot face to get the high flight I'm looking for.
  3. I'm afraid that these would not offer the distance, height, or forgiveness of a two piece model. It was suggested to me to strengthen the Lofts on the Seven CB irons but I think I'd be sacrificing height/distance combination.
  4. I'm looking for opinions on the best feeling medium sized irons that offer hot faces but minimal offset. I'm considering Romaro type R or PRGR rs titan irons. I've tried USA Callaway CF16 and have Epon af503 and both feel great but I'd prefer a touch less offset. I also own the xxio forged but they're a little clacky. I've recently had the Epon AF 705 too and they were a little bulky for my taste although the feel was good. I may be looking for something that doesn't exist but thought I'd try this forum.