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  1. Lefty :whistle: Lefty :tired: Lefty :wah: It's been well over a year now!! WHEN!!???
  2. AGREE, He spent an awful lot of time with me and my "CUSTOM HAND MADE " putter is perfect!! :cool:
  3. Great pics of a great guy with a great action. Any idea on how to acquire a bracelet like Maru? I think they are called Zeniopele?
  4. The "NEW"Titleist 690.CB :titleistjp:
  5. My new T.P. Mills which is still being worked on. Just got these pics from David Mills this morning.
  6. Does Tourstage make a lefthanded iron?
  7. Besides lead tape, how would you add weight to the bottom of a two-ball putter :?:
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