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    Epon AF-153

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. I wish I cud love EPN drivers, the only one that ever worked for me was ( IS) T the af-101,, cud never gel with any other
  2. supo

    Fairway woods

    prgr egg mfd 16.5. never leave home withoit itstock shaft is good,YOUR shaft is oitstanding both from a fairwau and a tee. its tje best all rounder in my fleet of fwds
  3. 34inch new muziik pistolero grip. BIG MOI control. and straighter rolls, this was designed to knock in 90% of them pesky 1m putts and in!! sweet spot is twice " normal" apparently....... well, it does feels pretty big to me bo arguing that. 68* lie from cast sus 630 . love the concept , love it but im a straight up 73* ish guy not 68* , I was always fighting it. impact is sweet tho, cond is essentially as new, only used it a cpl of times, just didn't suit. $200 delivered
  4. nope just had a play wth it
  5. Errrrghh.... what can i say i put my car in for a tyre change and end up speaking with the builder and playing with a JB gautier GAUDY asu like putter... now id just come back for a 3hr session at the range where id putted with all my bests, golds ,benock, seven betti , yamada, masda, kitada, i was on the puting range for 2hrs plus. so you could say my eye was in and i wasnt just imagining things. ok this is truley awful bec i HATE this brand , its totally spurious, they are close to tue ugliest clubs ive seen, the font ,the amount of font, the shape of the heads they truely blow goats for me.. but i had an hour to kill so well it is golf after all... ok gimme this horrendous pos flatty while i kill some time. ok,,,,whats this, head shape is lovely apart from the fluro blue petrol glowing colours.. grip was superb. feel was.... say what.....??.?..?..?.?.. Ive just come off the toif and i know this feel too well. its super firm instantaneous crisp immediate tink. am i mistaken.... this cant be surely?? straight back to shop from his range. ok whats this and how much is it!? ¥120,000+ Say wha?????????????????????????? yup 120bigones. now this is the thing... it feels so similar, i i mean dead ringer for my diamnond like carbon benock i had to double,take,to make sure it wasnt. im im shock.. i wud game this in a millisecond over 90%of my others. i hatemthis brand but i gotta say this putter was uterly speactacular. i really am in shock pls,tel me its a placebo bec i cant get over this.i cal em as i see(hit em). this thing was magnificent, im guttted
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    Shafts.. diamana b 70x+60x

    45/45.5 and 43/42.5 i think bud. the3w was more like.a 4w length . i prefered a shorter 3w with this from memory.. was in my syard xv 3w for sydney. smd tje driber was in the xv driver. whixh has a super short hosel
  7. Condition is superb all installed and removed professionally ,not by me. the pair for $400 Delivered driver 60x...$275 fw70x....$225
  8. love the protreks,, have bought nothing else in the last 3-4 yrs.
  9. hahaaaha.., BINGO!!!! see ya and raise ya....
  10. nopd ,been and gone. lemme.find.stock one
  11. miles and miles better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. supo

    Set of Wedge 50/54/58

    U want them all the same make model? If inot i cud show a few
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    the mother load, lovely juverly!
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    I love A DI, always got at least one floating about in a bag . 18/22* is my thing, higher than that I prefer a 4 iron. ive had so many over the years, a few have really stuck out but srixon , honma have been my go too's for the last few years. I have however expanded a cpl with non traditional DIs. I found a 3 iron fromm a set of PRGR speed irons that can only be said to be as close to eye candy as one cud imagine... os I had to have it NS SP orange stiff shaft and off to the races sat. As close to zero offset as you cud get. BLOWS traditional Di out of the water on this front , which means I can get WAY funkier with it, hitting cuts and draws are miles easier. I did notice I gave up a cpl of yards. but it was pretty moot really for the versatility it offered. from the tee it was an utter pleasure to hit ,feel is so soft its like hitting air. workability is unmatched,, mighbe a god or bad thing depending on your taste... but I love it. from e deck in mid winter it was good... a bit larger than ud prob like to hit, a 3 iron is a lot more amenable than this , but in summer with a nice soft lie oh man this will come alive!!!!!!!! will prob make best use of this back home on a cpl of tricky holes where a di is essential and the ute is a bit long. salivating at the thought when the days get a bit warmer.... heres a cpl I have sworn by over the years ....
  15. ive been an axis since they came out 6 ish years ago ??? axis eagle 1 funky design but its 100 % face balanced and zero torque. had my best ever putting with this thing , never missed a putt , wud love a classy one of these made my some JDM co. it just feels cheap. but it does what its spsoed to with aplomb
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    that 2 tmb I have pitured is quite offset... but my gawwwwwwwd does it feel good, long as well, makes an easy fairway shot, prob the easiest of them all. I had the newer honma di but it was a shovel to my eye, very nice feel again,. and workable as it was smaller, but its looks got the better of me and I ousted it not long after I got it. beautiful to look at / hold, but I t just didn't get me.... the new srixon , not sure of its model name looks VERY nice.. that will get a round or so this season im sure!
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    latest ute I saw that id play over prob all these is the kamui, small compact head flat lie!!!!!!! nad no offset. its looks like an absolute hammer
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    not in jdm land , that I know 0f ( or id have one ) I think adams or tour edge exotics wude be best bet , they might do one /??