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    TAD MOORE.. la grange pro 1 x bend neck

    cool story. yea its a nice stick allright, i went thru a.double.bend.phase , scotty catalina ,ping cushin, this ..... had fun with them then moved into blades razor.betti nitro, scotty napa..then this just never get a.game, i took it out this weeekend for first time in eons., rolls beautifully. its in immaculate cond.
  3. Customed by lajossi in Melb. weight inserts, head weight to 360g and mid deep face milling. stunning condition. 35ich. long bend neck ,original shaft and grip. individual photos of the putter available, I just make a college to save time and hassel, if u like the stick pm me, full snaps, photos taken yesterday 11/11 fyg. $350 delivered.
  4. supo

    and now... my flatsticks!

    mikey come.over again and get it done.properly, in tje meantime,ive plenty more.tracks.to show you.
  5. supo

    and now... my flatsticks!

    great piece nobs. love a putttrr blurb as much as a driver one. if u evber get tired of the wide benock. ill be ur huckelberry
  6. that 22* must be the most iconic 22* ute on the planet!
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    beaver pelts!!!!!! never too much nor too deep.!
  8. TT MONACCCO tx flex shafted. put these in a few putters recently, they work very very very well. A "ting/pingy " ' feel at impact . not soft endo feel, its quite lively and very direct. ball does not sit on the face long. brand new muziik pistolero grip. head weight 360g CNC mill 3* loft x 72 * lie 551 gram x 34 inch face is 100% perfect. but theres a cpl of dot marks in the cavity , I have no idea what they are best to mention it. Don't think they make the putter play worse..................... and certainly don't "annoy"at address As with all my clubs, the paint fill can easily be removed if required. $299 delivered.
  9. supo

    Fujimoto cb

    yup good
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    corrosion x ..... put It on and it keeps em like this , rusty but no chinks appear.. grooves on these are still as good as new. those TS spec were ( are) unreal I had those before I found the protos. just preferred the thinner sole to the TS. I have the TS spec 62* lw.. nothing better than that near the flag from behind a rock ,under a tree branch w ith 4 yards of carry!
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    cpl of close ups of some of my prefereds.. top pics: yuriri 1.618 and tourstage x wedge for pear shaped heaven. not found sets more appealing for those that love fruit! 2nd shots: the prgr tr onset art address. makes loking at the back of the ball and schralllping it a simplicity 1.618 yururi again and the best pw IVE found, the yururi flatback. play this with most sets now days and discard the pw from the set. 3rd shots: fourteen mt 28 prototypes + yonex ezone sets of 3. just magical for harder ground and clipping clean. 4th shots: prgr mix of different models. take ur pick I cant split em!
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    $400 delivered!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
  13. supo

    RYOMA f2 13* 3 wood.

    haaaaa drop again..
  14. Great nick, nothing worng anywhere on it nothing needs explaining here ,this is a pro level 3 wood. pm me for any info u might need if any............ delivered via EMS from JAPAN! $299 ......$250 delivered
  15. 3/pw superb cond. perfect pro cord brand new grips,unused since installed. not played these in3 seasons. endo forged ltd heads 1000sets made all up. quad dots =higher bounce less off set for deeper grass and more workability. i simply dont play cbs thats it. these heads were all made for Ernie Els. if they are ur thing pm me ill shoot the set for u. simple build cost. grips100 shafts320 build250 + heads±tax = these are......less than cost. 6iron pics,but 5iron weight $500
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    nobs san thats just what i puiled.out from the boxes. the game bags have a few sets and about 20 odd back home ,pretty much the same style but with a few more.tourstage thin soled x wedges and a few s-yards as well what clubs problem????
  17. Pristine cond. 70g x 3.7torque x 98/112 mph swimg speed mid flex mid kick mid flight this shaft is not for retail sale its from a type s onoff head i had the shafts swapped over professionally. $299delivered
  18. supo

    syard xv 15* 3w head

    Still to go no takers????
  19. great cond. $125 deliverd.
  20. Condition is superb all installed and removed professionally ,not by me. the pair for $400 Delivered driver 60x...$275 fw70x....$225
  21. supo

    SHAFT/ steel

    Updated steel pricing including delivery
  22. supo

    SHAFT/ steel

    EVERYTHING has been professionally pulled / installed / removed........... NO BACKYARD hack jobs with blowtorches here. Pm me for detailed snaps when required steel shafts: monacco stiffs 3/pw............$300 DGx100 BRAND NEW UNHIT PULLS 3/pw........$150 NS (tourstage M226v) 3/pw.........$225 NS 125s 3/pw.........$350 Aerotech 110x 3/pw........$300 Aerotech 110 s 4/pw......$375 all prices INCLUDE shipping.via EMS fromjpapan.
  23. supo

    Looking for cb iron set

    callaway tour authentics quad dots with NS sp blue 3/pw ?
  24. Yamaha tour 2008/2011 prgr tr900md ,MAGNIFICENT set of mb cavities...... tourstage x701. callaway jp 2007 t.t.t.t.t.t.aylor made tp 09 Faldo model they gotta be around that level now id think