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  1. Both those are pure.
  2. sus 303 gss css sm490a the list continues anyone know WHAT the difference actually is , if any ? the one thing im 100% sure of is milling differnces, the deeoper the softer the feel at impact with the same ball.
  3. callaway ERC 3 11.5* conforming immaculate condition. ENDO forged 200 gram head. no head cover. $125
  4. Monacco stiff shafted tourstage perfection. I was toying with going totally JDM again and getting some SP blues put in them ,, still might actually.. ive still got the original m226v shafts that were originals in these .. made by NS, pw is lighter than the 3 iron! these irons have actually played rounds at Augusta in the bag of a very well liked player from a few yrs back. tourstage sent me conformation they were originals..... I don't play these often but they caught my eye again , when I do its awlays a fun day out, had a cpl of absolute shockers with them and equally hit some scorchers. these are not for the faint of heart. the all copper gold look is interesting. but the grips on them don't stand out so I do need to re grip them , nice set of masda slicks shud do the trick admirably if I don't reshaft em.
  5. having had a big session at home over christmas gave me a great insight into whats going into my bag this yr. its more of what i hit consistantly well and less of the experimentation stuff i l like to make. that way it might just save me a penny or 6 per week, and lower my scores with more consistantancy the drivers have been a bit inconsistant for a while ,i was either killing it hitting 12/14 ish or its 0/6 and errrrgh, just put it away use a 3 wood. ! ive worked hard on finding a set up that suits my swing the best + giving me the feel i like. i think ive finalllly found it jbeam /crazy set up the 425 tour and black 80 7.7 ..................., and the epon102 quadra FE express proto 75xs fairways ive gone with the royal collection 304p-- crazy black fw 8.2x ... the yamaha v 14* with (wait for it... diamana kailia70s ) and the egg spoon15* crazy black 80 8.2 . utility i wise m hoping the 22* egg 5 iron and ns 1150s set up will cement for a while, at the range its been beautiful, but a match is another thing. iron wise im playing the kyoei v muscles with NS super peening blue s to start the yr with the ground being hard and short grass. and as it warms up i m hoping to play the epon 302 same shaft set up .a lot more. wedges are the tourstage xwedge 03 from 2006 ish with the NS wv 125 , they have been fabulous on the range and first hit out tomorrow. putter is the guage design neo black no 1 in 41 inch shaft. piccys posted of match bag tom, but this shud see me thru till mid yr ish im thinking. small rotation naturally. but this is the core goal for this season is to break 70 as it has been for a cpl of seasons, but more over to move all numbers down a peg and consistantly score around the handicap with as little blow outs as possible. with a much help form my JDM delights as i can muster. bring on the season!!!!
  6. high toe. 34 inch solid impact. a game or two only on her. iomic absolute grip brand new. out she goes $125
  7. BUCHI vs200 Mcb iron set 4/p condition is excellent. SYB tour 120 proto shaft (k/s shimada 4001) mid/mid high kick/ mid balance . for a more ballistic flight. 120gram/swing speed 44mps+ (shafts are the equivalent of dgs300 or NS 125s) shipped tracked insured $800 delivered
  8. $800 delivered $750 heads $250 shafts
  9. what id give for a cavity design of the 302s with the off set fo the IDBL and the sole thickness of the callaway tour authentics. I cud stop hoing permanantly
  10. THESE.. these are in the bag this weekend. been a while..,
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  13. hahaha doh!
  14. what shafts in these?
  15. not really .closest ive seen is the roddio s tuning.
  16. long means consistently long.. not just a one off right ? in that caase. the ryoma maxima I found to be so, but not the d1, the d1 was straighter the maxima longer but more wayward the jbeam l 435 and the kamui pro tp 07 awlayg gets max distance. prgr egg 7 as well witht the longer length shaft.
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    finally pulled this so head to go its a nice head if u like Cs heads this works well good quality materials. nice putter head.
  18. AND.. very important ......, what head shape do you like to view.... if u don't like the look of the head ur never going to have maximum confidence in that driver especially when the pressure gets ramped up.. try driving when ur 1 up on the 15th/16th with 4 double presees on the board with a driver ur not overly at home with....... it aint pretty more often that not !! .Just an aside........, the ONE true driver head that I just cant ever get rid of, and have still got even tho its not long is the t.t.t..t.t.t.ayla m.m.m.m.m.made... tp burner form 2009...... yup 2009, NO-ONE has made a driver head since that can beat that for arrow like performance for me. No one not jbeam, not prgr , not even ryoma,.(.well maybe ryoma) but nothing is close to how that thing looks easy to hit to me in my hands I stuck a 100 gram bimatirx blue X shaft in it @ 44 inch and it lives on the links when its comp time , and especially when its windy I don't bother with anything else. bec I know where just about every ball is going . its prob the shortest distance driver ive owned. but wow is it a thing of beauty in my bag when the score counts! go for looks at address as much.. no... WAY more so than any of the pretty face matereials and hype on the latest and greatest. get a head that looks good. hmmm sounds like advice on birds too..........................,
  19. yea.. for irons im not a big fan of either , the stms are a thinner grip and need an extra layer of tape I found, GREAT feel tho, really tacky long and light. ur hands don't move. For woods ill only use the cadero now, for woods they are money. funny u shud mention the PP cords , I just re shafted an old set of cbs with those .. cant get a better grip when its a bit wet. of all the non leather gripmaster style grips ive tried .. the PP cords are THE BEST
  20. i wud get rid of every driver i own 1000 times.over beofre i got rid of one of these
  21. does not get any better than this.
  22. honmas sold get the rest these arw great wedges
  23. Prgr led: ,limlted edition forged at endo Stock m43 NS 100g shafts for90+ mph driver driver swng speed. 52/57degrees $200 shipped ................................................... 2106 id Rs tour 51/57 2 sets both have beeb played lightly , the ns shaft have been hit once , shafts are bit too light for my liking. $240 for the stock $200 for wv125 shipped ...,............ ,fourteen mt28 prototype molybdendum 53/58 ns wv125s+ 60l° lw with ns 950s these are pear shaped very thin soled and very workable ,/ versatile these are not butter soft they are 100% performance for the better stikers. And they back up balls like nobodys business these are pure pro and like razors Close to the best there is bah miles better than eveything. $390 shipped ................ honma tw-w 51.5/57.5 dg s200tour issue. $200 shipped ............ yonex ezone, ryo ishikawas model (when he CUD play) chiba grind.. 52-56-61 aeroetech 125s sharp as an arrow head. I coked"these 2 for a different (fantsitc) finish. and of course if u ever get short on sugar during a round can always lick them... they are seriosuly sharp, longer thin bladed look , they are ultra versatile and they spin like blazes . used them on Sat and Sunday so I can attest to their performance I just prefer a rounder look these days. $300 the set. shipped ............................................... prgr nabla id : tour tanihara wedge head 56deg. a- cond micro endo milling. broad sole rounded shape ,feel is best there is soft and marshmallow like. excellent spin from the milling. $100 shipped ............................................................ a grind iya domo..52/57 ns wv 125s cond is A-. broad sole long blade high launch thr 57 is about the best wedge from the sand as ive hit. i have aaother so im selling the set. $240 shipped ............................................ ----All prices including delivery ----Many more detailed photos and dialogue for any questions via pm. These are and have all been my gamers last cpl of seasons. They are all in perfect condition face wise grooves are perfect ---ive many others im deciding on as well so if these don't suit , just ask , I may have something u like. ALL OF THEM delivered FOR $1000
  24. nit a bad addition i will say