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  1. cypressmills

    Miura MB 5005 3-PW or 4-PW Stiff Flex

    Stiff shafts preferred
  2. cypressmills

    Sold! Thanks TSG!!

    Small Price Drop. Let's get these babies sold.
  3. cypressmills

    Sold! Thanks TSG!!

    Hi, I have a beautiful set of Crazy MB's available for sale. These were purchased from a forum member as heads only. I have used them for 1 round and 2 range sessions. Hopefully someone here can enjoy them. They just aren't for me. 3-PW UST Recoil 125 shafts in F4 (stiff) Flex White Pure Velvet Grips 38" 5 Iron Standard loft and lie. Looking for $975 net shipped in US. If you are outside the US let me know and we can see what shipping costs are like. My ebay ID is chrisgmiller for reference. The only trades I would consider looking at would be 716 T-MB's or Scratch Tour Department SB-1's Thanks for looking!
  4. cypressmills

    WTB: Crazy MB's 3-PW

    Looking to buy a set of Crazy MB's 3-PW or 4-PW. Any shaft or heads only as I will be putting in my own shafts.
  5. cypressmills

    WTB: Miura 5003 3-PW - Stiff Flex

    Looking for a set of Miura 5003's. Ideally they would be 2-PW, but 3-PW works also. Stiff flex shafts or heads only would work also. Thanks!
  6. Looking for a nice set of Miura Tournament Blades. 3-PW or 4-PW is fine and shafted with stiff flex KBS, Project X or Nippons. New to the forum, but my Ebay ID is chrisgmiller. 100% positive feedback. Thanks for looking, Chris