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  1. forgedcrazy

    Srixon Z-Ti Driver

    It was released last week in a very limited way in the UK and retails at £199. Also 601 irons and m steel fairways.
  2. forgedcrazy

    Wanted: MIURA CB 301 Irons

    Yes pal ive got a set for a sale. im in the uk so u might not like the price. give me a shout
  3. forgedcrazy

    Video of my swing

    My opinion is posture isnt bad but you need to work on moving your weight forward off your heels and towards the balls of your feet, as this happens your knees will flex a touch more and your back will straighten. I can see you have worked hard on creating width in your backswing but what you are missing is arm lift and rotation. Try to feel taht as your shoulders begin to turn and you start to set the club that your arms are lifting not just going backwards. A great training aid for you would be the impact ball from fireball sports if you worked with that your elbows would get much closer together as your arms lift and rotate. Good luck Mark
  4. forgedcrazy

    UK Locker clearance time

    Sonartec SS 2.5 14 degree fuji platform 26.3 S £140 Sonartec MD 19 degree fuji banzai S £110 Nak 15 degree DGS300 £100 Nak 19 utility DGS300 £80 Sonartec SS03 GD YS7 S £75 Alpha V2 9.5 fuji 757S £250 Tourstage Air Muscle 18 NS Pro 950 S £75 Tourstage MR23 3 wood Vista Tour 70X £120
  5. forgedcrazy

    UK Locker clearance time

    UK wise £250.00 they sell over here for £195 head only or £240 with there own shaft so £250 with a speeder is a good price.
  6. forgedcrazy

    UK Locker clearance time

    Sonartec SS 2.5 14 degree fuji tour platform 26.3 S 9.9/10 Sonartec 19 Md Banzai S 9/10 Nak NP-1 15 3 wood DGS300 8/10 Tourstage Air Muscle 18 NS Pro 950 S 8/10 Nak 19 Rescue DGS300 8/10 Sonartec SS-03 15 degree YS 7 S 8/10 Alpha V2 425 Fuji 757 S 8/10 KZG Gemini 9 degree Aldila NV 75 S 8.5/10 interested in trades and moving some of this. I will take offers Plus 1 will vouch for me im sure.
  7. Can anyone give me some advice on what the Gd equivalent of a fuji 553S is please. I tried the 553 loved the flight love the spin loved the driver hated the feel. I play YS 7 in my 3 wood im not sure its right for me but it feels fantastic. Any help is very appreciated thanks guys.
  8. forgedcrazy

    Is my grip slipping?

    pull ur left thumb up so u have a short left thumb
  9. forgedcrazy

    THE NEW MR-23 PROTOTYPE Cavity Backs!

    Not convinced on these at all i thought the us spec 23 were awesome these look bulky
  10. forgedcrazy

    Are you a Player? If so check out Maruyama's new blades!

    all i can say is stunning
  11. forgedcrazy

    How to release the club properly?

    if you want my answer bernard sounds like you have ball too far forward and youre stood slightly open so you have to hold club off through impact.IMHO
  12. forgedcrazy

    Miura putter, anyone played one?

    had one for over a year will not be looking for another putter after this i know i can blame it all on me.
  13. forgedcrazy

    MR23 US Spec FW

    In a word AWESOME. Ive had one since Plus 1 sold it to me a year ago probably 3 days after buying it from Chris knowing his buying habits. I reshafted with a vista tour X and have never looked back. If only the other 13 clubs were that easy. Mark
  14. forgedcrazy

    WTB High end 2-pw irons What do you have???

    Ive got Miura blades with6.0s Hogan anniversary 35th rechromed (so brand new)and Hogan 50th anniversary anything take your fancy. Mark
  15. forgedcrazy

    Uk Guys: WTS Miura Blades 3-PW Rifle 6.0

    OK guys you obviously dont like the price give me some offers please