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    Driver, Callaway sub zero 9.5 Tour AD DI-6sr, - 3W Crazy CRZ & 5W Taylormade tour head 2 degrees open with same Tour AD DI 6-sr shafts, Nakashima utility irons 2,4,5 with Oban Devotion 04 flex 65g, Itobori CB 6 - pw black heads, KB custom studio black shafts, light, regular, Itobori wedges 51, 55, 59, all with KB black wedge shafts, putter Carbon Ringo 1/4
  1. The ST is Back in Stock!

    Gorgeous, what is the cost?
  2. Hi, have the Crazy CRZ Full Titan 3 wood, looking for a 5 wood
  3. Itobori yes or no

    Well, I ended up buying Cavity Back, 6 - pw, then 51, 55, 59 for the wedges. Paired them with KB steel light shafts, and i like the penetrating ball flight. Worked well this spring/summer. Took a break now starting to play again.
  4. SOLD

    I have an interest in the head, thx rm