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  1. people who is interested in the JP golf club will not care of spending more money for a reputable brand name. this is the case in the Chinese market. I dont believe that there is someone who is so stupid enough making a fake niche market product.
  2. As far as I know, the fake club market in china has been already abandoned for a long time due to the market value. especially for a boutique brand that is not very well exposed in the market is worthless for spending time and money
  3. Tang

    2016 PRGR RS Forged Irons

    Awesome !!!
  4. Tang

    Ever seen a grown man cry??

    Haha armitage, surprisingly seeing you here. Saw you Crazy driver and UT in Beijing at the new oriental square months ago while they are sitting in the workshop for re-shaftting. Nice weapon indeed! My ryoma d1 & crazy deco combo was also fitted in the same workshop. How about we going to course some day together? Ryoma against Crazy 435 ?
  5. Thanks buddy :) By the way, as my Royma is standard but non Vspec, wondering if the head wight might be a bit lighter comparing to the 80g GD p9003x, thus the swing wight could be changed from D2 which is my range to D1 or D0 ? Thought there might be a solution solve the dilemma, saying appropriate shaft with right stiffness and weight which could generating the exact effect as Vspec crazy cb46 combo c did.
  6. Got the Royma D1 9.5* with stock shaft months ago. played several times, damm it is forgiven indeed, but not as long as expected. 240-260 ya in average if met the sweet spot. Besides the Royma 9.5* with stock shaft GD s could hardly helping me to avoid the left, the ball hooks than ever. Any recommendation on the shaft choice ? crazy CB46 , Bangboo, GD 9003 ? Expecting this Royma D1 with new shaft could help me in achieving the wow factor as Royma V-spec crazy cb46 in terms of straight and long. Thanks in advance.